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Good Morning everyone! :)

I hope you all are super wonderful today and in a good health. :)

Have you noticed the edit menu on 'add a blog post', 'add a discussion' or on 'comment' box? It seems there are some changes. 

It's nice that we're now able to upload photos on comment box through mobile. We can also edit our comments. We can write bold/italic/underlined words through mobile, even choose the font size, and so on. It is more comfortable for us to log in MyEC though mobile. Don't you agree?

However, there are some edit menus disappear. When we write a blog post or discussion, we can't write them in color nor are we able to choose the font theme. Some members often write blogs or discussions in colorful writing, including me. Sure, we can make more editing in HTML Editor, but it's not easy. So, what do you think about it? Do you have anything to say to the founder of MyEC, Mr. Josef, about it? :)

Thanks a lot for always improving this site, Mr. Josef. Hope he will consider our opinions. :)

Have a wonderful December! Keep your finger cross! :)

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Apa yang harus kita katakan, mod. Onee? The founder is doing a great job every day. Now, with your recent appearance among the moderators, I guess you will give a big push for our club. Nice observation. Don't forget to convey my regards to Mr. Josef.  

Thank you for the comment, Teacher Dara. So, what do you think about colorful writing? 

Thanks also for your encouraging comment. Keep blogging! :)

Tidak buruk mod. Onee! In cases of writing poems or certain topics. 

Thank you for your reply, Teacher Dara. However, we can make colorful writing, but we should know the way..............I hope someone expert in IT (I know ELF Noor is expert in this :D) write about HTML Editor. I know only a little about it. 

The removed options should be restored back especially color and font choice.

Thanks Onee for the explanation.  

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Mishaikh. I also like the old options. :)

Through this discussion point of yours ONEE, I want to suggest that there should also be an option (like search) by which we can go direct to anyone of our blogs.  Especially I find it very difficult to find any one of mine if I want to see.  Thanks


I remember that was your suggestion. Well, having many blogs make me think about that too. But, I have my own way to resolve that. 

I give TAGS on every blog. So, whenever I want to find blogs about something, we can search from the TAG. You can use it very well for searching your own blog.

Thanks for sharing this again, Mishaikh. :)

Hi Onee! You are right! I also want to be able to make my text colorful! Last time it is sad for me to read only black letters... Especially because of Winter...

Thank you!!! Have a great and happy December! ^_^


Thank your for sharing your opinion. Winter with black and white. Hehe...... Let's hope we can make blogs colorful again easily. HTML Editor is a bit frustating to me. :/

You're most welcome, and thank you too. ^_^

Let's hope:)

Hi, Onee!

I hope these new features would lead to a better and brighter MyEC! I also miss writing here with colorful words. Maybe Sir Josef wanted uniformity in blogs and comments.

Thank you for bringing up this matter.



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