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fear or a phobia concerning the number 13

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Some people say it is an unlucky number, but it is just a number and can't do anything bad for us.

in my opinion, I agree your writing sentence absolutely.

We Iranians love number 13 ...

We believe it brings luck...

It's misfortune has no place in our culture...

Actually I think it's a kind of ignorance...

13 Be-dar : the day of nature

I have heard many people saying it's an evil number.I agree with above comments.It's a number only can't do anything bad for us.
I think all numbers are same..

What I fear is the number zero in my bank account (Oudenophobia)

Thanks to your discussion, now I've also learnt a crazy but cool word like: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia! That's fear of the number 666. Now I like this number even more than before! XD

I have seen a very interesting thing about this phobia.  Here in USA When I stayed in a hotel in Vegas, there was no mentioning of 13th floor in the building, though the hotel was around 40 storey.

In the same way back there in Karachi, there was a multi-storey commercial constructed in star shape, there was also not mentioning of 13th floor, THOUGH in both cases the 13th floor was existed in physical, so how come the 'bad luck' could be avoided, when it was existing, merely by not mentioning.

Now I wonder, what is the longest name of any phobia or the weirdest phobia ever...

Here you are Roman:

HippopotomonstrosesquiPedaliophobia. The Long Word Song is a funny song by Bryant Oden, about a real word, that means fear of long words. It's also spelled with two Ps in quipped: HippopotomonstrosesquiPPedaliophobia.Oct 28, 2011

''Fear of Triscuits'' XD

Hahahahaahaha, I didn't see this episode of Friends xD

Oh my!!! How could I've forgotten that episode! Boo me!!! XD 

Awww... good thing I have A738a to help me to remind stuff like this ^_^


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