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F5 - Where is your this keyboard to hit to refresh yourself from negative thought and keep walking on your way?

In this life, everyone can never avoid ourselves once in negative thinking.

Learning, working and challenging all of them are what we are doing everyday. And Failure, depression, event and even bad words from someone say to us ... so on. They are virus which slow down and even damage ourselves.

All we need at that time is some positive things. They can be some motivate words or a hand of friends's who we trust. I'd like to call that is F5 key for our life-keyboard.

Could you please tell me, where is your this key? and how do you hit on it?

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Dear Keen,

Thank you very much for your comment.

Yes, good book is a good idea. That really is what I chose when I got a bad feeling :)

Dear Scarlett, 

Almost all computer users know that the ‘F5’ key is used to ‘refreshweb browsers or other applications. You’ve drawn an analogy between that particular function key and ‘a part in us’ that we ‘press’ when we want to overcome issues in our daily life! That’s one brilliant thought

My ’F5’ is embedded deep in my brain. But, I use it for a different function and I call it the ‘Memory Rejuvenating Button’. I hit it whenever I want to call an idea to mind that was there earlier while I was, for example, travelling or having a meal. Usually, I start to think in reverse, asking myself what happened before that and before that and so on. Virtually I could recollect 100% of it. Thanks to my MRB ;-)  Cheers!

My dear Gabriel,

I'm really glad that you liked my topic and left your precious comment.

Yes, everyone has the different way to define their F5 key and you did it as the "MRB" that would be very creative and positive for making some new idea from the one which has been there before. I agree with you, feeding your mind and stomach by traveling and food are the best choice :). And you've proved that it worked for you afterward.

Well, actually you've reminded me about the issue that is think in reverse. In some situation, by this way, we could realize something which we haven't noticed before and we have got wrong direction. So that we would try to make amends to right any wrongdoing. That also is a great hit on this button.

Thank you very much dear.

Best Regard.

Sis, I think I got the point... :) I won't draw an analogy in order not to complicate the things... :) but would like to tell you, that in this case I "switch on" again the thought that visits me quite frequently and says:

Everything that happens to us and Everyone we meet in our life is merely here just to teach us some lesson and to play their certain role in our life. So we are supposed to learn from them and try to benefit from them in right way... It's not always that easy though, but it really does turn away the negative thoughts that dared to visit your mind... ;)

Warmest regards, Sis...

Dear Sis,

Thanks a lot for your support. Just can say I understood what you were saying. I got a lesson from you that is try to learn the lesson from something wrong in right way. Actually that is not as easy as saying. But "switch on" frequently would clarify something on it, I think....

Love you Sis,

"Switching this thought on" quite frequently will make you get used to this thought and to take it as a rule. So once you get used to this rule, it will not be that difficult to implement it as it seems to be.

Warmest wishes... :)

Dearest Sis,

Did your mean it was "acceptation" ? In my opinion, Life is everything needs to be accepted, that never looks like my expectation. In each circumstance has its obstacle, I think try to get familiar with them that would be appropriate way.

I've just found another hit for my F5 that is writing everything wrong on the paper, I think that seems nearly with "switching on" my mind, while writing, every scene would across my brain with a bit sweet and bitter moment... but leave something would motivates me, wakes up my mind, and tell me that "You still alive, where is your teeth? It isn't use for gnawing yourself? keep smiling!". Then I read them again and tear up it like the way I quit my depression.

hihi... my dear Sis, have you ever done like that? :)

Thanks a lot again for your kind advice. Love you Sis...

My F5 key are these guys:

And the "Spanish yoga".

Well, if I was overwhelmed with negative thoughts, I'd seek help immediately. That's a given.

Ladies and gentlemen... my F5 key:

How can someone watch this legend and think negative thoughts? By the way,

P.S. Drinking a ''double cappuccino - half-caf, non-fat milk, with just enough foam to be aesthetically pleasing but not so much that it leaves a moustache" helps, too.

I tip my hat to you.

MARY said:

My F5 key are these guys:

And the "Spanish yoga".

      My refugee  is in immersing  my self in reading books  , learning English and listening to music . I force my self to forgive others  and let go of bad thought  . Nevertheless  , I suffer  from negative thinking and ruminating the bad  side of things.

  It is my daily battle  , I must control  my emotions  before they destroy me . Nothing worth  getting  my self  in a bad mood.  As long as I am healthy  I am in good condition  and I am capable of achieving  whatever I want :)

Hey, Scarlett! Interesting discussion!

If I have to be honest, my F5 can be at many different places, it always depends on the case. Sometimes I need some time alone, sometimes I need to be with my friends, sometimes my family gets me out of the closed circle of dark thoughts...Hmmm, getting rid of negative thinking seems to be a hard task for me, I should get to know what I need first, so I can go and get it then :D


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