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Education is our passport to the future ,for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today ".

Do you have this passport?
I think I need to improve my passport to make it effective..What about you?

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Dear Emilie,

What u quoted is absolutely correct. Education is not only the passport but also we can represent it as cheque book. Education means knowledge - which will guide as to earn and thereby lead a better life. As the greed for comfort never ends need for knowledge also never ever ends.

I'm in a way to improve my standard of living by improving my knowledge in English.
I hope my new passport is going tobe better than that I hold.
hi emilie, you are true, and I always told the students to study hard because it is the gateway to success and better job. Study hard because there is a job waiting with you and the other side study hard because you can built a bussiness to you and you can help to other people. take care always
hi education is very important but it is not enough,you must have energyand mony to succeed

i also agree with you.i'm in the 11th form(it's the last form in my country) and i'm going to get this important passport.i wanna study in a foreign country.i also think we need to improve it as much as we can.
hello Emi,
of course Education is very important no one can deny this fact , I agree with you it's our passport to the future , me too I need to improve it.
take care
Yeah Emilie...I agree with Akula Parvathi...Education is not only a Passport it also can represent as a Cheque Book.
Education is one of the important aspect in everyones life..Education decides our life in future... It decides our standards...
We should narrate this clearly to each and every student in schools. We should keep on remind this to students.. So that they will come to know how important the Education is.. then they would be careful to their studies from scratch level.

education is the most important in our life so you should catch it

education is aground of socity
except education you may be find dirty socity

hi Emile! Of course our education is very important component in life, it's absolutely necessary point BUT not sufficient, I think. You always should find new solutions and move ahead..
best wishes,
Regrding your topic"education",i think that it is true that educaton is considered the passport to future but in some areas this passport is considered by the background of the given person ,in other words those people who have power in some countries because this helps in getting the good positions , jobs ,etc in regard to the tribal origins .
Anyway,educaton is more than passport or even ticket ;it is a mirror for the person who wants to be some imprtant thing in society .
yes ur right ..
& we must learn from now before we be elderly..**
yes. i agree with you about your opinion, emilie. life is very boring if we don't have a study goal. our knowledge is very small but human knowledge is very large like big sea.now i'm a student, and i know i must try to study more and more...

I think education is necessary for each of us, without it we can not find a normal job and get a good salary, I'm currently studying at the university, writing essays https://paperleaf.ca/write-my-essay/, I plan to become a professional journalist.


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