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Hello everyone! ^_^

I hope your days are great.

Have you ever eaten with bare hands?? WITHOUT CUTLERY. OR, If you do that, how often do you eat with bare hands??

Do you know that eating with bare hands is useful for us?? They say the flora in the fingers is swallowedThis LINK, this LINK, this LINK, or this LINK. Oh, I know that you might be reluctant to read them all. Let me write some points here. :)

The benefit of eating with bare hands

  1. More hygienic
  2. Helps manage digestion problems
  3. Helps increase blood circulation
  4. Prevent diseases like type-2 diabetes
  5. Believed to have lose weight
  6. You know that your food is hot
  7. Exercise for your hands
  8. .... and more

Well, I often eat with bare hand when the menu is without gravy or broth. Of course I wash my hand before eating. And, I don't forget to cut my fingernails every week. Surely I use my right hand, I don't mean to offend lefties. Do you remember what you do when you are in bath room? ))

What about you?

Thank you so much for your time. "Wish you a great January!" ^_^

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Saya makan dengan tangan saya setiap hari. I did not know about those useful tips you mentioned in this wonderful discussion of yours. On the contrary, using fork and knife does not make me easy and comfortable to eat. Besides, with my bare hands, I can have a good and big mouthful. Don't think I eat a lot. It (Sunnah) to eat with the hands instead of the spoon. A very provocative article of that respected moderator. Thanks, mod. Onee for sharing.

Dear Teacher Dara,

To be honest, I practice this even more for one year. I tried to find ways how to keep healthy without medicines. It's successful. Eat, portion, ways, habits are anything related to health besides positive thinking.

Sometimes, I use spoon, too, and sometimes wooden chopsticks.

Thank you for your reply and appreciation. I'm glad that you found it useful. :)

   Our teacher in elementary school  was explaining  for us  how we should  use  the forks , spoons and knives for eating . A lesson which was for away from our  arabic and  Islamic culture   , were we are used to eat with bare hands only . I still remember  that some of us asked her " Why are we studying this ? We don't have  use  forks  , spoons  or knives  ! We are used to use our hands  . Then she smiled  and came up with a clever answer  saying . Who knows maybe one day one of you  , will be a very luxurious  woman  and she needs to know how to eat with them :) :) :) 

         Here we enjoy  eating with our hands most  . Prophet  Mohammad peace be upon him  did it and we are still doing it until now  . Thanks for sharing  your information  about  how beneficial and hygienic  it is to use our hands or let me say our natural spoons :) 

LOL, Rosemary. So, cutlery is something luxurious. ^^

Thanks a lot for your precious reply on this discussion.

Have a good day! :)

i don't use to eat with my bare hands but i'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty when I can not maneuver just with the cutlery. but i also want to ask you how do you do to put the links like this"this link" without all this (https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/8-reasons-eating-hands-awesome) I think it is very useful.

Hi Ivan,

Glad to see you around. Good that you're not afraid of being dirty on your hands. Some people don't do it because of that reason. Maybe one day you can try. ^^

Thank you for participating in this discussion. :)

About inserting link. Here is how I do that.

1. Copy the link

2. Block any words you write on blog, example 'This link'

3. Click on inserting 'link' on the left of the top in editing post.

4. Paste on the Link URL

You can also edit Link text there.

Here is the screenshot for adding link.

Dear onee....yes, in our part we eat food with our hands, yes right hands. ..we eat most of the food with our hands and we use spoons, forks for some food items like, pasta, noodes, soup, curds, ice cream, pudding...but we usually use spoins, forks, knives when we eat outside...at home we prefer eating with our iwn hands...though use spoons for some items....one more thing...in our part..people of all religions. ..do the same thjng, I also know...it us same in India and Pakistan too. Anyway it is a very interesting topic...like before!

Dear bet,

I don't remember last time I use a knife for eating. But when I am in a restaurant and I have to use fork and knife, I will ask for spoon or I will use only fork. lol.

Thank you so much for your appreciation and precious reply. Have a good day! :)

It is easy to eat bread, sandwich and pizza with bare hands, but eating other kinds of food is not comfortable and easy.

Dear Saba,

I'm happy to see you around. Yeah, some people feel the same. Some? Many? I'm not sure, yet. ^^

Thank you so much for your reply. Good day! :)

I think that eating with your hands or with cutlery is a cultural issue, even the cutlery is different depending on the culture. What is important is that both the hands and the cutlery used to eat should be clean to avoid diseases.

Hi Fran,

Glad to see you around. I agree with you that hands or cutlery should be clean to avoid diseases.

Thank you for sharing your view here. Good day! :)


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