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Hello my dear friends in all over the world.

Today, I want you all to tell me.

What is dyslexia ? 

Why kids suffer from?

What are the things I should do to help them?

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Alash ya Rana ma katabgeesh? Why Rana? I requested to be one of your friends. I hope you agree. One of my students has dyslexia. 

Pardon, I didn't get you. I didn't think I haven't answered you. 

Pas de quoi Rana! I am just seeking to be one of your friends. I hope so. I have a student who fell from his bicycle and hurt his tongue and had dyslexia. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks again.

I see hope he will better.

First thing you have to know what kind of dyslexia.

Does he write and hear properly.


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