Hello my dear friends in all over the world.

Today, I want you all to tell me.

What is dyslexia ? 

Why kids suffer from?

What are the things I should do to help them?

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Hi Rana! I know almost nothing about it. I just know that people with dyslexia have the problems with reading and/or learning. And also I don't remember if I have ever seen anybody with dyslexia.

Yes thank you roman

Erm... don't you think would be better if you just do the research yourself?? You know... like looking for books written by professionals of the matter, or to check the site of the International Dyslexia Association, etc... Call me eccentric, but I think you can find better info checking professional medical studies instead of asking randomly in a learning english site...

ok dear thank you

OmG, kids!!!

Please, don't let Muski Muski read this -_-

What do you mean???!!!

Lol, nothing :X

If Muski Muski will come here, you will know what I mean :X


Let see what muski muski going to do lol

Ki daiyra? Bekhair wa la baas alaik! I hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks. 

Hello dara

Hi Rana,

I thought the same. Feeling desperate to face kids that I thought they had dyslexia. In fact, they just need to do another way to study. The message in this movie is true.


My friend said, "I don't believe that". It's teacher's homework to find the best solution.

However, it's true that they need more time to reach the same level with us.

Thank you for this nice discussion.


I appreciate your answer and you really mentioned what I always try to say, though it's not the teacher homework but I find that so sad to see those kids struggling. I just like to help. Your friend is right but I want to do my best to find a solution to this issue.

Thank you for the video.


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