It is just an evil dude. I used to like Dracula. When I watched that creation of Bram Stoker, the Irish writer. There was no real sleep for me for many days. I used to bring my bed close to my grandfather's bed. His wife's advice was to stop watching such devilish films. Do you like horror movies and especially, Dracula? Who is the famous actor who portrayed that role? Was he Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, or Vincent Price?

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Hello, Sir. 
When I was younger I watched a horror show, & kept imagining that guy in the show for years. Until I saw the same actor playing a nice roll. Hehe.
I am actually a scardy cato. I do not like watching horror movies, yet I do sometimes. I have nightmare for weeks. And keep imagining ghosts around me for months. I also sleep walk. So, my family doesn't let me watch. I like sweet and happy movies only. :) 

Salam ya Warda, mumkin gabl kuli shay akoon wahid min asdigaik? Ana akhaf min al Cato aidan. It was Christopher Lee who made those horrible scenes and he liked to play the role of the villain. It is better for you not to watch those movies. By the way, can I grab this opportunity and ask you to add me to the list of your friends? Thanks for your comment on Dracula.

Wa alaikum assalam  

Walaaau.... Yesharfni enik tkoon mn asdqaei! ^_^ 

It will be an honor for to me add you as a friend, sir. Thank You! 

    Hello Dracula. I haven’t seen such an interesting topic for a long time.

    when it comes to horror movie for me, Hong Kong’s Zombie Movie make a huge influence on my childhood. Their fierce look didn’t appear in my dream until I graduated from high school. Of course, it’s funny now I think of it. Compared to the past fear, I feel more nostalgic with my childhood.

    Thanks for your starting this topic!

Xie xie Jason! The Zombies also make me shiver and frightened. I remember watching The Night of The Living Dead. It was one of George A. Romero's masterpieces. I was holding my breath for more than one hour. By the way, Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment on Dracula.

I dislike horror movies.

Once, I was home alone. I had nothing to do so I decided to click the TV on in the living room and settled on a sofa just a meter away from it.  Hordes of zombies suddenly came on the screen.  I was petrified and became numb. I wanted to jump and change the channel but I couldn't move my body.  The movie was starting and all throughout its duration my mind was thinking of changing it.  I was able to finish watching it without making even a slight movement.  Gosh, that was one hellish moment of my life. While watching it, my mind was being tormented from imagining that a zombie was behind me...WOOOHHH!

Sorry, I can't answer your question since I have never patronized dracula movies ever since. But I knew that Tom Cruise once rendered that role.  It was controversial because of his kissing scene with a child. 

I guess you don't like to watch Dracula movies nowadays, do you, Mr. Dara?

Maraming salamat Lady Anne! Ikaw saan? Thanks for your ling and interesting comment on that scary movie. Indeed Zombie gives me the creeps. If you remember the masters of horror George A. Romero and Dario Argento and their horror films, (Day of the Dead) and (Night of the living dead). I am an adult but I always tell my wife to sleep close to me whenever I watch them. By the way, is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment on Dracula.

Watching horror movies means inviting them in real. :))) NO.

Kamu yakin mod. Onee? Saya tidak tahu tentang nya. Are you sure about it, mod. Onee. We try to avoid getting them into our real life. Thanks again for your tip. 

Sure, Dara Sir. You had not real sleep after watching it, right? That's one of the signs. :)))

LOL Dara Gino......I was too scared as a child to keep my eyes open when the scary movies came I can't in good knowledge say who played "Dracula"......My mind brings up Boris Karloff......and that might be totally wrong.  But without cheating and looking it up......this is the best I have....rofl  

Absolutely not mod. Paula. You are not cheating and you will never do that. If you look it up, you will bring a valuable information about it. Boris Karloff or William Henry Pratt was not the guy who played that role. Yes, he used to portray horror roles like those of Frankenstein. But it was Sir Christopher Lee. By the way, both actors were English from  the city of London. Thanks, mod. Paula for your frankness. 


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