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It is just an evil dude. I used to like Dracula. When I watched that creation of Bram Stoker, the Irish writer. There was no real sleep for me for many days. I used to bring my bed close to my grandfather's bed. His wife's advice was to stop watching such devilish films. Do you like horror movies and especially, Dracula? Who is the famous actor who portrayed that role? Was he Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, or Vincent Price?

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Di sisi lain, Fatimah, saya suka banyak nonton film horror. I like to watch them but I am afraid of them. Thanks for commenting on Dracula.

I Read many kinds of dracula stories,  but it doesn't  make me to like dracula.  No matter how the writer presents the dracula as a victim,  or hero,  or good guy,  or the one who saves his family or kingdom or their beloved.   Devil remains devil

Dear Seren, hello, first of all, I guess you like the writer, Brom Stocker, am I right? It's ok, I like him too. I agree with you, the devil remains devil. The recent horror movies are just copies of Dracula. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks for your comment on Dracula.

i have not watched dracula yet. so i cannot say anything. yes i like horror movies if these frightened me. other wise i dont like movies named as horror but in real they are not

thanks Daragino

Main nahi pata , Umeed, lekin aap deko Youtube. Dracula hudar hain. I am glad that you like horror movies. You can check it on Youtube. Believe me, it is very scary. Thanks Umeed for your comment on Dracula.

Almushkila ya SNR, ana ahib Dracula. Ana akhaf minu wa min afaalu. I hope to be one of your friends. I am afraid of Dracula and in the same time I like to watch that kind of movies. You can watch it on YouTube. The lovely lady, Ishtar said that she did not feel any fear from Dracula. I told her to watch it and then we would see. Thanks for your comment on Dracula.

I haven't watched any film inspired in the book, since I've always prefered to read a story instead of watching it.
In spite of this, I do like horror movie - only not if they are inspired in a book I like.

I remember once I watched Nosferatu and I liked it a lot, but of course, I'm from a different generation so I didn't find the movie scary, although imagine being the victim of a Vampire! Stalked and messed with!

I like vampire stories a lot. Being Dracula, Carmilla, Interview with the Vampire, and the like.  

Muchas gracias encantadora dama! Most of those stories were taken from Dracula. Vampires and other horror movies. Ishtar, try to search for it on YouTube. By the way, where have you been? I really appreciate your time reading and commenting on Dracula.

Hahaha nyc memories of chind hood. I used to read the comic books of dracula written in hindi. I still remember a line " dracula aaya mout laya " which my elder sis used to narrate to make me scared.

Danyavaad Rekha! Was that phrase Hindi or Arabic? (aaya mout laya) It is close to our Arabic one. Why did your sister use to do that to you? Tell her that Rekha is my friend and I will not accept scaring her. Thanks for your comment on Dracula.   

Well... I don't like kinds of horror movies,largely. when I was little, I have watched scaring drama series airing on TV with my family, Which is about sprits with grudge that wanted revenge... it made me not sleep like you.

I don't have certain memory about dracura.. in the theater, some likely had released, though.

mainly I prefer family movies or disney animations over nailbiter.

Gamza hamnida Inha Kim! Dracula is always thirsty for blood, his eternal life depends on sucking the blood of others. Sometimes I hate him and at other times, I am frightened of him. Thanks Inha for your time, reading and commenting on Dracula.


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