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im 30 years old and dont have children, and the last thursday i went to do the vasectomy because i really don't want children, the most of my friends think im crazy, what do you think of it?

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Hello ivan,

Interesting discussion.

Normally when people hear such kind of statement, they have a tendency of labeling the particular person as being odd or not so normal in the head.

I believe, it is not a must, or a matter of course or even a human right for everyone to bring a child to this world, that I think some people got wrong.

If parents are not able to take care of the child, for fill the childs basic needs or just generally they are not a competent parent, then such people should refrain from bringing children to this world.

I take my hats off for you and your decision, though I hope you have thought it all through, because there is not regretting or returning back.

I don’t think you are crazy, just because you choose not to follow the crowd, I think you must have had your reasons and thought it all through before you took such decision.

Thank you for posting this discussion :)

   I think it's your personal choice  . Having children  isn't  like buying teddy  bears or beautiful dolls  for playing  . Being responsible for a baby isn't an easy thing to do . Every woman  should get ready for this  . Me  , you and other  , should offer  food comfort and security to our little  babies  . We can't just have them for just enjoying our motherhood this is selfishness  . 

     However  , your  friends  might be right in a way or another  . Don't delay having kids while you are still in your fertility.  Because things turn to be more difficult and risky at your 40s  . Have a nice day :)

hi Rosemary :) i'm aware that by not having children i will lose many things in life, but i think that it will save me a lot of headaches, thanks for your comment

Hi Ivan ,, You may be afraid of something unusual we don,t know. You just need to live things to Almighty God when you have them. Do your best first of all.

All the best .

hi Ocean thamks for your comment, you know that's the point, most of people think that there must be something wrong with me for not wanting to have children, but i don't think so, is just that i want a different life.

Vasectomy-castration?! Gosh! It must be painful

hahaha vasectomy and castration are not the same thing i invite you to investigate in google about it, and it took about 15 minutes and i barely felt something because of the anesthesia. thanks for your comment



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