Do you think women should do housework mainly after marriage even if they work?

Do you think women should do housework mainly such as cooking, cleaning and washing after marriage even if they work?

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How much are you going to share housework?

50x50 or out of mood or etc.

Do you do housework such as cooking, cleaning and washing now?

Well, yes, but there is one but.

what do you think about it , Tam? :)

Hello, ella. I like women who like doing housework. :)

Well...  :D

I dont know about you, but I hardly can imagine human being who LIKE to do house works after 8 hours of working outside.. Expecially woman who is physically more weaker than man..  

How do you imagine that?

Hmm.. let's see :

You both go to work..  After 8 hours you both come home, but you run to couch, shouting that you are tired and hungry, watching tv...   and she rather run in the kitchen with huge smile on her face with a lot of eager to cook and clean in meanwhile ?   Ofc, after you eat, she LIKE to clean all that stuffs.. Then she  LIKE  go in bathroom and clean mess who you all leave behing self..  Also she is happy to wash your dirthy clothes.. and so and so..

And ofc, when night come...  you LIKE  woman who shine like a star in dark night, always happy coz she have chance to enjoy in your fabulous  presence.. :)

And when salary come (  :D ),  you also LIKE woman who spend her salary on needs of family like bills, furniture, food... etc..


I know in many countries women do all that, but not coz they LIKE it, but coz they are not able to change mind of such men.. But it is not ok. It is not human. At all..

I think it would be correct that ppl share houseworks same as they share other things  as money what they both earn, for instance..

 At least, they should do houseworks as they agree,  with compassion, love and mercy for each other..  Marrige should not be The rule of a totalitarian regime with husband as dictator on  pedestal.

In some countries, also, woman who work outside,  take part of „male“  duties on self, paying bills, buying stuff for familly , what we can consider „males“ obligation..  and on that way she help her husband in his task of supporting family..  So, you like to use such benefit from wife  but you also would nothing do of work in house coz it is not „males“ work..

And very often, husbands get furious if  all things in the house are not on their places, if lunch or dinner is not on on time..

And I didnt mention if such couple have kids.. Coz, no need to mention that every mother take on self care about kids, coz of her mercy on them.. So, mostly she automaticly take all obligation about kids on self, without asking for help.. Even then, many husbands dare to yell on wife if she miss to do something or if kids do something bad... Ofc., he would not see himself resopnsible if something go wrong in school or similar.. Coz it is also female job..

Ofc, i talked about this generally, my focus were not YOU

You just gave me inspiration  :)



If you LIKE to have woman who like to  be a housewife, without earning money.. Then i  agree..  Her participation in family life is huge enough if she do houseworks , while you work outside and support your family  trying to fulfill their needs..


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you. The situation you image was common in old days in Japan, though women might work outside less hours or might not work. Nowadays many women work outside as well as men, so I wondered if the situation you image can keep going on.

By the way, as for "I like women who like doing housework", I mean women who like doing housework are good at doing housework, that is they can do housework effectively and Easily.

Glad to know you agree.. :)

So, there fore, ultimate answer on your question "Do you think women should do housework mainly such as cooking, cleaning and washing after marriage even if they work?"



Claps to ella.

Thanks Mary :)


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