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Do you think that books have lost their place in our life?

internet is taking more and more our time ,we are forgetting books which were our friends ,  what do you think?

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No, I don't think so, if it's so Harry Potter Series couldn't have become the best sellers, so as Den Browns books (though they are pretty complicated for a common reader), but they are still best sellers.

This is my personal opinion and I very cordially welcome the contradictions. 

are you read book of Napoleon Hill ?? Mishaikh

Napoleon Hills book is so basic that everyone should read. It should be a given.

what does napoleon hills tell about? why we have to read it? is there any E-book?


Talkin' about Brown, I'd correct it as 'Damn' XD

Very that. "Den"... ha! Poor b@$t@rd.

'Twilight" You yourself mentioned in your favourite book list.


I agree to some extent, Staring at a computer screen for long time cause more eye fatigue than reading a book, so people are more comfortable when reading a book or newspaper than reading on a computer; but internet attracts people more and because of this people have less time to read books.

I agree.

I agree. Recently I've heard many people say that they don't have time to read. On the other hand, people who love reading and who grew up reading will probably always read for pleasure, even if they don't read as often or as much. My dad travels a lot, and he says that on cruises everyone seems to be reading by the pool. Most bring their e-readers.

Nowdays ! books lost their favours for many reasons ! I completely agree


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