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When you were growing up, and you moved from school to higher school, you experienced life with various friends and people. However, do you remember your all old friends and mates?

Sometimes people forget their face, sometimes only their name, sometimes everything about. I have two stories about it which you can read in this blog. :(( What factors make people forget their old friends?? Do you think these factors are included?

1) Too much eating salty/tasty food (food with much monosodium glutamat). :D
2) Too many stages of problems in life.
3) Too much time in focusing on something else.
4) Too many friends to remember in a rush.
5) Time erase our memory???
6) Arrogance?? No, I'm not... :(

7) ...?

What are your views about this? Tell us your own story if you have. :)

And, don't tell anyone that MyEC has a forgetful mod. -_- It's good if I forget anything bad happened here. :p

Thank you so much for your time. Have a great day! ^_^

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Your this discussion made me smile as I did something like that some years ago. That evening I went to my Husband's office first then we went shopping. But when it happened I was in the open area, outside of a shop and my man was inside, thanks to Almighty he was not witnessed of such a  funny situation. But what did happen? lol....There I saw a girl (an old girl , of course...lol), I mean a lady, we both could recognize each other instantly, we had stayed in the same hostel, ate in the same canteen,  enjoyed cultural programs in a group as we were in the same batch though in different faculties that means we met almost everyday. That evening  we chatted for a while, We recalled some of our past activities....later I mentioned about a boy (one of our male class mates)and told her, 'Hey do you know our that class mate has a boy?'' She rolled her eyes that made her look funny and asked me, " What, he has a boy, what do you mean, dear? Then I became confused.....I started feel uneasy thinking if I made any mistake?....Then she told laughing....'' Hey, that boy is also mine( my kid) as that man  is my husband now, do you forget we were in a relationship in our university life?'' What to say....I took courage not to reveal that I had really forgot about it and just could vaguely recalled there was somehow a connection between them.....so, I told her, '' Look, girl, he is our friend so we must say he has a boy....(stammering) if you were our class mate we must say this is your boy, right?!'' What an awkward situation it was to handle! 

LOL....Bet. What an excuse!! I like it so much. :D

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Being awkward is a humanly feeling. lol.

         This year I had a great experience about it and I'll tell you my story... Last December just before going to sleep I realised that Someone joined me into a large group in whatsapp, it was so weird but after watching its members I was happy to see they were my schoolmates with whom I spent 8 years of my childhood. Still I wonder how the admin got all our numbers haha... well the turning point was when after 30 years we joined together again, at least 28 of the 32 we are. Of course time didn't treat us the same, I guess circumstances of everyone have also an effect on our physique aspect but character of everyone didn't change as much.
We spent the whole day talking with each other mostly remembering the good old times and how life is dealing with us.


Hi Estanis! Woow!! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Maybe the admin of your group worked like a journalist to find them. :D 30 years is just cool! 8)

You're right about 'time didn't treat us the same', and the character didn't change as much as the physical changes. A friend of mine also said that.

It's great to see you share good things with your friends. THANK YOU so much for joining the discussion.

What great pictures you shared. I can see a big boss wearing white clothes in the second photo. Let me find you later in the first photo. :D

Hello again, Estanis.

Let me analyze which one is you. :D :D

I'm confused between the two. :D You must be much like your son. So, I thought you're in the red circle. But, think again, the boy in the yellow circle is much like you as well, and the style of his hair. And now you lose it like a professor. I mean a big boss. Mm....I guess you're the one in the yellow circle. Tell me that I'm right. lol......

1. This photo was taken 30 years ago. I was 13 or 14.
2. I was looking down to my desk pretending to be a diligent student so my face can't be totally   seen.
3. Quality of the pic is not even acceptable.
4. I had a desirable mop of hair.

... I didnt think you could guess who I am in the first photo because of its definition so, HOW ON EARTH YOU GUESSED WHO I AM in the second one!!??
Even the girl who is seated by my side didn't recognise me... You made very reasonable hypothesis, now I know you're really intelligent in any subject (clapping)

By the way, the boy in the red circle is my cousin.


You overpraised, friend. ^^

Yes!!! I guessed right. :D :D :D And, Wow! No wonder your cousin had a little of resemblance with you.

BIG THANKS for your interesting reply.


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