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While rushing my way to work, I accidentally bumped into my ex-coworker and I was amazed by her complete transformation. She was fashionable, elegant, confident and oozing with appeal. Way back, she was just an ordinary girl, quiet, timid and wears just a plain and ordinary jeans and shirts. I also noticed how she carries herself. She talks and walks with confidence, articulate and with style. I ask myself, does fashion plays a big role in self-esteem? Is fashion really important? May I know your opinion on this guys. :) :) :) 

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Hi Glosky,

Thank you for sharing the story of your friend. Well, I'd like to comment about it. I don't think it's only about fashion. She might have experienced something so precious that she changed her mind-set about lifestyle. She was probably longing that for long, or else.

To me, I prefer to be myself. Building confidence doesn't mean we should have high or new fashion. I love to wear what's good on me in long term.

I observe that each new fashion doesn't last more than one season. This force people who are fashionable to be consumptive. I cannot live in such a way. There are a lot of people who even don't have enough clothes to wear.

Thank you for this nice topic of discussion. Good day! :)

Hi Onee-chan,

I agree with you, building confidence doesn't need to wear expensive and fancy clothes, its how we carry ourselves. Its how we communicate well and feed our mind and soul with spiritual food and informative information.  Thank you for dropping in. It's a pleasure to have you on myEC.

It is not easy to improve self esteem by fashion. we must spend a lot of money to buy the latest fashions and if we can't then we lose our self esteem.There are other ways to build self esteem.

Hello @Saba, yes, there are other ways to build our confidence and self-esteem. Have a good day ahead. thanks for your comment :)

Hi, Glosky )))

Nice topic to discuss. what I can say about it is that since I have moved here I do not care too much about fashion. I'd sooner say I care about my health and good looking. Of course, if I have some special events I will think about what to put on. But nowadays I mostly wear comfortable clothes, not being worried about how others look at me. I am pretty self-sufficient, and I talk and walk with confidence no matter what clothes I'm wearing at the moment. Though, I do recommend to buy a good quality trend rather than cheap replicas. Good quality clothes is more comfortable and apparently comes out to be cheaper with time.

Thank you for topic )))

Hello @O.M., I miss you! Yeah, you're right, wearing comfortable clothes, talk and walk with confidence are surely a hit for us girls! I am really imagining about how you walk O.M.? Is it a tsunami or catwalk? hahahaha

Lol, Glosky ))) Either it is tsunami or catwalk depends on my mood, I guess, there are even days when floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee, hahaha.

Miss our chats too ))

hahahahah! miss our chat too! i like floating like a butterfly...hehehe...but i sometimes do the catwalk..it also depends on my mood :) :) 

Hey Glosky, 

It's a nice topic to discuss. I think the relation of girls with fashion is unbreakable ... Lol but fashion is a broad term it included many things. Ranging from clothing to hair styling, make up and so on. 

I do not like to be a completely different person. I do follow fashion with which I am.comfortable. No doubt when u look good it boosts your confidence and you become more appealing and presentable. This kind of confidence do help for those who are working women. 

I do follow fashion to some extent which is in the boundaries of my culture and religion but at the same time I like to be what I am. 

Thanks for bringing this discussion up. 

Hello @SNR, well said. I like your phrase "I do follow fashion to some extent which is in the boundaries of my culture and religion but at the same time I like to be what I am. Nowadays, in my country, some did not consider their values when choosing what to put on, even if it will make them uncomfortable, they still wear it. Sad but we, girls are different from each other, but I am happy here on EC that our opinions reflect how we live and carry ourselves.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day!

I go with Onee/OM.  Fashion only make the appearance attractive.  Actually, what the matter much is inner personality.  Otherwise fashioned person without brain is like empty beautiful utensil that sounds much.


Hi @Mishaikh! There you go! You hit it! Inner personality or character is the most important. Thank you for dropping by on my myEC :) 


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