Which one of these hot chili peppers do you like?? :D :D

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I'm used to eating 'hot wax' directly with a certain food or mixing it in a sauted vegetables. For any food in red color, that would be great for me if it is hot spicy. 'Super chili' mixed with 'cayenne' would be great. :p Just be careful not to eat hot chili in every meal unless you wish to be in bed rest for days. :p :D

Two days ago, I ate a very hot spicy noodles. I tell you it was like a thunder, [BLAARRRR] :D. But these two days, I should stop eating chili, cos I feel the effect. LOL

After all, I love spicy food. I would eat more if it is spicy.

What about you?? :)

~ Have a great day! ^_^ ~

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Two is a few for a person who likes spicy food. I hope it is fine with your system now. :)

Thank you for your complete story, Mishaikh. :)

Nice topic, Onee! Well, I'm not really used to eat (really hot) spicy food... I prefer to add a lot of different herbs when I cook ... sometimes I try new tastes in restaurants... but in small portions, please... :-D


I can understand, NotAClue. I guess it depends on area as well. People around you are not used to eating spicy food. From the ingredients to taste, it becomes the habit. Nothing can make you like it, unless you want to try new dishes.

I have an Indonesian friend who is now living in Germany. She likes spicy food, but now, she is getting used to eat less spicy. There are two reasons: her husband (German) eats less spicy food, the price of chili pepper there is not cheap for her. :D

Yeah, for a new dishes, you need a small portion, unless you like it, you can order more. ^^

Thank you for your valuable response. ^^

Yes I do, but not too much :)

Hello MA NO, EC Member. ^^

I'm glad you participate in this discussion. Thank you for your great response. :)

i just want to write again....lol...as the topic is really so interesting! okay, when misha adds two green peepers to make an omlet...I may add a half portion of a peeper or make it without peeper....lol. well, people should know  green peepers have diiferent varities...less...midium...hot...too hot....and these green chillies turn into  red chillies eventually whhen they ripe...so spiciness depends on the varity....so, i prefer to use the green peepers that are really less spicy...

yes, onee sis when we were in malaysia and went to lankawai, we found they added red chilly paste in some dishes, sppacially in dry fish item...we did nit eat....in my countrt village people mostly eat more spices and hot chillies....modern edducated people try to eat less....lol

Hi Bet,

No worries! You can write as many as you want. ^^

For an omelette of one egg, I may add two super chili. This is medium spiciness here. But, actually, too much spiciness is not really good for women, do you agree?

LOL, I wonder why it happens. Do you think modern or educated people eat more junk foods?, then their digestive system becomes weak. :D It is still okay for the people in the village, but it is a little problem for the people in the city. lol

However, it isn't always so, right? :D

Thank you once again for your reply.

Im a spicy food lover.but eating spicy food for long term can caused fatty liver problems.recently im having .so my advice to minimise it as much as possible and be average with it. Im a South Asian guy and most of most foods are spicy.

Hello Bernard,

Nice to meet you. Thank you for reminding me, indeed, you're right. ^^ Me too, now, I eat less spicy than I did it my childhood. lol

Yeah, most Asian foods are spicy. We can't get over it. lol

Thank you once again for joining the discussion. :)

We're chili people. I came from the place where the King of chili reigns. 

But I take it to moderation only. Too much of it hurt my teeth.  Don't worry Onee-chan. When you visit me, I will prepare this food called "laing" just for you. We are known for this food and am sure (since you like spicy foods) you will like this. This vegetable is rich in vitamin C.

It will not be a thunder for you but heaven.... :)

Hello, dear Lady Anne.

Chili people? lol It's new to me that spiciness can hurt teeth. People react to chili in different ways. Sorry about that.

Oh, wow!!! That picture seems quite appealing, :o but. :x Do you think I will like it? 99% I will like it, but I just need some great preparations for my stomach before that. Honey, sweet foods, and drinks before that. LOL

Many many thanks for your invitation. I hope I can make it one day. ^^

Thank you for your response. 

Terima kasih mod. Onee Chan! Fatima likes pepper and she uses a lot of it in her cooking. I have to eat it. Honestly, it gives me the appetite to eat more food and I eat voraciously. I sometimes meet some trouble eating spicy food. Most of the times, I try to avoid it as possible as I could. Thanks, mod. Onee for that interesting topic. 


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