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Which one of these hot chili peppers do you like?? :D :D

Picture source

I'm used to eating 'hot wax' directly with a certain food or mixing it in a sauted vegetables. For any food in red color, that would be great for me if it is hot spicy. 'Super chili' mixed with 'cayenne' would be great. :p Just be careful not to eat hot chili in every meal unless you wish to be in bed rest for days. :p :D

Two days ago, I ate a very hot spicy noodles. I tell you it was like a thunder, [BLAARRRR] :D. But these two days, I should stop eating chili, cos I feel the effect. LOL

After all, I love spicy food. I would eat more if it is spicy.

What about you?? :)

~ Have a great day! ^_^ ~

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Tell me more that all or most Europeans don't like chili peppers. :D

Thanks a lot for your response, Estanis. ^^

C'mon, dear A.

These ones are healthy if you eat in moderate.

Btw, I love that smile.... ^_^

That was directed at Estanis.

I can handle it, bring it.

Olga, honestly, I love the expression you laugh at, too. lol

Hi, Onee-chan. You eat them directly? Oh, it's too spicy for me. I like cooked spicy food, especially curry. Moderate spiciness sharpens our appetite.

Hi Tam,

Yes, I eat them directly, only for 'hot wax', since basically they are less spicy than 'super chili'. 

These are the side dishes for hot wax that I eat directly, LOL.

Image result for ote-ote lombok

Yes, I like curry as well. But I rarely eat it. I agree that spiciness really sharpens our appetite. :)

Many thanks for your response. 


Once I have posted a blog about Pakistani dishes. The dishes I mentioned in this blog are all spicy and we enjoy eating all of them. So it means we like spicy food.

The chillies shown in your pic above I have eaten all off then in foods.

Wow!!! So, you've tasted all these sorts of these chili peppers.... :))))

I think I have tasted Anaheim and Jalapeno as well. But others..., maybe I tasted them in powder. I guess Middle Eastern love spicy food.

Have you ever got sick because of consuming chili? :))) I, once stopped eating them for a year. :D It is really tasteless eating without chili to me. :(

Many thanks for your response, Mishaikh. :)

Yes it hurts my system now.  I avoid eating them.  But I have tasted all spicy food.   Some of our dishes are so spicy only people from India and Pakistan can eat them.


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