Which one of these hot chili peppers do you like?? :D :D

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I'm used to eating 'hot wax' directly with a certain food or mixing it in a sauted vegetables. For any food in red color, that would be great for me if it is hot spicy. 'Super chili' mixed with 'cayenne' would be great. :p Just be careful not to eat hot chili in every meal unless you wish to be in bed rest for days. :p :D

Two days ago, I ate a very hot spicy noodles. I tell you it was like a thunder, [BLAARRRR] :D. But these two days, I should stop eating chili, cos I feel the effect. LOL

After all, I love spicy food. I would eat more if it is spicy.

What about you?? :)

~ Have a great day! ^_^ ~

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When we were in Sri Lanka we wanted to try national cuisine and went to a local cafe. After one piece of food I was shocked and mute for a minute. I felt like this man on the picture. Seems my mouth was full of fire. My lips were burning and I couldn't talk at all. Curiously how Sri Lankans eat that food. Is it normal for them? What about their kids? Do they have special food or they eat dishes for adult too?

Svitlana, :D :D. 

I understand why you wonder. I'm not sure why, but yes most Asians like spiciness. I think you felt like that because you didn't used to eat it. It may be hot for you, but not for them.

I can say this as I watched video challenges on YouTube where people in some countries (Europeans and Koreans exactly what I saw) ate spicy food. They expressed the spiciness (on a certain level) more than we (Indonesians) do. Kids can choose their meal, people make various food without spiciness as well, especially for kids or people who don't like it. People who love spicy food usually have to manage their meals. When a woman is pregnant, it is not advisable for her to eat too spicy food. When one has a problem with stomach, they reduce the spiciness. I guess it will be the same in Sri Lanka.

However, yes, most food is spicy in my place. But when you buy food at some places in my country, we can manage the level of spiciness or even zero with 'sambal', mashed chili.

Here are various of 'Sambal', hehe.

Related image

Anytime, you are welcome to Indonesia, all my dear friends. ^_^

Thank you for your precious response, Svitlana.

Have a good day! :)

Thank you for your Yummy dishes, dear Onee! I am sure I will like it. I love a lot of vegetables. And thank you for your invitation and greetings!

Best wishes to you too! 

I travel a lot and so, I have been eating many different dishes around the world.
I love spicy dishes, but spices and herbs should not cover up the natural taste of the original products. I want to recognize what I eat. That's all.

Ähnliches Foto

Hi Rose!

I can finally conclude that NOT ALL Europeans dislike chili pepper. :D

I agree with you that spices and herbs shouldn't cover up the natural taste of food. I believe you have tried a lot of spicy food in Asia. No matter how people like spicy food, the feeling is always sensational. lol

Thank you for your precious response. 

It is the method of cooking, Rose, you can still maintain the original taste of vegetables/meat while cooking spicy.  We have a dish by the name nehari, (I have mentioned it in my blog on Pakistani dishes) the way it is cooked you may say that all the vitamins have been destroyed, but this is the most spicy dish and too enjoyed in Pakistan, (also in India but made with buffalo meat, in Pakistan it is made with cow meat.)  I have seen foreigners enjoying this dish too, though water was flowing out of their eyes while they were eating it.

LOL, Mishaikh, "water was flowing out of their eyes." This was what had happened to me when I ate my meal with extreme spiciness.

I agree with you that we can cook spicy food without covering up the original taste of other ingredients.

i think i know and tated almost every chillies...but i like to eat midium spicy food. yes we also use raw green chillies in some food items....some people like to eat green peppers directly with some food.  i prefer moderate...antway interesting topic...interesting and simple, i like it!

Dear Bet,

I never eat green chili pepper directly. But we include that ingredients in sauted dishes. In my place, moderate spicy food is our daily meal, but there are some who extremely love spicy food, I'm among them. I believe there are people like me, too, in your place. :D

Thank you so much for your precious response and appreciation. ^^

YES!!!! Moderate spice is OK. However, too much spice makes my eyes and "nose" watery;-) 

Hello Shoaib Yunus,

Watery nose?? :D It happens to me every time I ate spicy food, even not the extreme one. lol.

Now, I can remember what will happen to people while eating spicy food. It doesn't happen to everyone, though.

1) Some people will feel hot in their mouth. (I can stand this)

2) Their nose will be watery. (It happens naturally to me, so I always prepare tissue)

3) Some people will get intestine or interior cavity disorder.

4) Water was flowing out of their eyes. They open and close their eyes like everything is blur.. lol

5) Some people will have sweaty face. :D

I experience all of them. :D

Many thanks for your precious response, Teacher Shoaib. :)

I almost eat daily egg white omelette in my breakfast.  I cut at least two super chillies (these are green, later they turn red).


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