It's a clear question, but let me make it clearer. Sometimes, seniority or superiority or person with high status make them hard to consider any suggestions/advice from younger or juniors. Some people even joked 'senior is always right'. If we see and remember, we all are just the same which is human and where mistakes is unavoidable. Whether it is junior or senior, both can make mistakes. Sometimes, we also get advice from kids.

What is your view on this? Do you consider advice from younger?

Have a great week! :)

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Ideas can be built or originated in any stage of life n we may respect our youngers advice

Hi maximus potato!

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yup, we should at least respect it. :)

Hiii dear onee,

Yes I take advice from Youngers, many times it happens they have more creative ideas and sensible advice. 


Yes, you're right, dear SNR...

They somehow sometimes give us new ideas that we haven't thought before. ^_^

THANK YOU for participating in the discussion.


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