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It's a clear question, but let me make it clearer. Sometimes, seniority or superiority or person with high status make them hard to consider any suggestions/advice from younger or juniors. Some people even joked 'senior is always right'. If we see and remember, we all are just the same which is human and where mistakes is unavoidable. Whether it is junior or senior, both can make mistakes. Sometimes, we also get advice from kids.

What is your view on this? Do you consider advice from younger?

Have a great week! :)

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Why not? sometimes younger does give better advice to you then older people. As young generation is new, energetic, enthusiastic, and qualified with new techniques. Like my younger brother is using these back to school promotional codes to get the newest and finest school supplies in much lesser rates.

Hi Robert! :))

While promoting a site, your suggestions are quite reasonable. We should consider new method appropriate with the initial purpose. :)

THANK YOU for your reply. 

S2 your answer

Hi Ramie!

THANK YOU for visiting. I don't get it, though. Would you explain, please? :))

Kenapa tidak? If it carries wisdom, I take it from that young fellow. It is true that these kids lack experience in life. Some of them can be very clever and careful to say unwise things. When they do they are amazing. There was a video for a young kid. I am looking for it. I hope I find it and post it for the readers to see. Thanks for sharing.

Teacher Dara,

It's true that most younger fellows lack experience, but sometimes it happens otherwise. You made me remember one dialogue of a kid and a father.

Kid: Dad, can smoking kill the person?

Dad: Yes.

Kid: I don't want to lose you, Dad.

Dad: No, dear. I'm here with you.

Kid: But you're smoking.

Dad: emm..........


Sometimes......most older fellows behaved arrogantly in accepting suggestions though they know that the suggestions are right, don't you agree? :)

THANK YOU for your reply, Sir. 

Most people don't know it but kids usually have great ideas to share. However, as simple as it seems, only a few adults are humble enough to take suggestions or advice from them.

Dear Salma,

You're right about that. Kids are pure and honest. If once they learn something and being firm about it, they will maintain their belief. Humble people could understand this, and some of them will consider to change.

THANK YOU for your reply. :)

It's an interesting topic. We, including me, don't tend to take advice from younger people seriously. I think it is because we think younger people don't have much experience. However I think there are some things that we can learn from them. For example, flexible mindset and new technology.

Hi Tam!

I'm thinking about the words 'flexible mindset' and I tried to find it through Google. :)) I found there are fixed mindset and growth mindset. Probably you mean growth mindset, and of course I agree with you. It is much better that we improve ourselves.

It's nice to read your reply. THANK YOU.

I found an idiom that I wanted to mean. It is "Think out side the box".

No doubt about it, Tam. We need it to renew ideas time to time.

THANK YOU once again. :)


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