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It's a clear question, but let me make it clearer. Sometimes, seniority or superiority or person with high status make them hard to consider any suggestions/advice from younger or juniors. Some people even joked 'senior is always right'. If we see and remember, we all are just the same which is human and where mistakes is unavoidable. Whether it is junior or senior, both can make mistakes. Sometimes, we also get advice from kids.

What is your view on this? Do you consider advice from younger?

Have a great week! :)

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Hi Bet!

You have a point there. We are in he same boat. By the way, "Happy Eid to you, too". ^^

THANK YOU for your reply.

Taking advices and suggestions even from minors/youngsters should not be intolerable for the seniors.  The youngsters especially of the age of advance technology have more grasping ability than their seniors.  See my son knows much more about cell phones and laptops than my.  I always seek his help one way or the other. If I feel shy to ask him what is this or that apps for, how I would be able to understand handling these gadgets.  This is just an example.  There are other aspect of life where youngs can advice better than the seniors. Because, sometimes seniors are bound to confined within there sphere of life, especially those who do not like to think beyond where they have stopped their lives.

A nice, but delicate topic Onee especially with the viewpoint of seniors.

Dear Mishaikh,

Sometimes, the younger also feels uncomfortable when they should advise the elder. :) I think so. There are people bound to confined within the sphere of life and stop to think beyond.

Many thanks for your nice words, and THANK YOU for your reply. 

Hello Onee! I do consider advice from younger. For me, it doesn't matter what age people are. The maturity of a person sometimes doesn't come only from the age but experience. As I have observing people around me, I do also learn the "meaning of life" from someone's life story whom is younger than me. In conclusion, as long as the advice which is given to me still logic and acceptable, I will consider it no matter even if the person is younger than me :)

Nice discussion, Onee! Keep it up!

Hi Diah!

"As long as they are logical and acceptable....." This is a good point. And yes, I suppose so, that maturity could be formed not only by age but also by experience alone

THANK YOU for your nice words and reply, Diah. :)

i dont mind it at all as long it is a good advice. 


We should analyze deeply what good advice for us, no matter who gave it. So, I agree with you.

THANK YOU for your reply, dear my neighbor. :)

Why not ? advice from younger people, as long as the meaning is good, I can listen to it and accept it well.

Hi Mas Puguh!

Nice to meet you! It's great to have your reply.


Hi Onee-Chan, I think everyone has something to say, something valuable to share. I try to consider the advice of younger at work. Sometimes they know things that I don't know and I help them with things that they don´t know. I believe teamwork is very important. Moreover, there are wise "juniors" and "inmature" seniors....

Good topic! Thanks Onee.  Have a great day! 

Hi Janeth!

That's quite reasonable. Teamwork in social life is an important thing. I'm glad to have your reply. :)

THANK YOU for your nice words. 

Onee….great topic!!  To be honest......my grand-daughter has one of the best brains I know.  She is smart and savvy and I like the way she thinks.  I would have no problem taking her advice.  A good thought or a good solution is just that......no matter what age group came up with it!!!  Thanks Onee.


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