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  I joined  here 5 month ago in   april...Just as i joined chat online some users wrote to me .In my first day  i chatted with 2 user  Happioo   and Miran.  So what about u ? just try to remember ur first chat...

Whom 've u chatted with in ur 1st  day in ec ???? who  is  she/he ? can u remember  their name ?

Lets to visit our past in ec .

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galby  ahaha  the  same was with me when i joined 1st time.actually  i losted inside users cuz i can remember over 15 users was writing  to me ahahah.maybe it was cuz of my attractive pic lol...when i joined here i didnt have much information about ec  like u ,,10x u for the ur  comment hayaty AHEBBEK

I joined EC on June 26, last year. Tim New is the first person I chatted with.

dear Mickey 

dear bibibibi  

i really  surprised now cuz i considered that u r new member lol..10x u for the participation dear

dear Anty

ahaaha  funny  darling .i always like ur  comments .10x u dear

dear bibbbibibi  10x u for the warning new users about report an issue

dear Carry

 u r not right for the dont chatting with online cuz there r so noble and polite users we have .sure sometimes we meet  the persons who is so immoral and impolite .but u can report them ,it is  so easy dear .be sure chatting in the  chat room also helping to us to imroving our skills.10x u for the participate and enough comment 

dear sis Carry u r always welcome .i also love wmw she is my lovely granny and so kind.pls dont avoid from the chat cuz that type of people.chat truly very useful.1 of the steps to learn eng,,i wish u luck in ur ec life dear sis.btw i appreciate ur activity in ec, keep it like this and go ahead dear

Dear WMW,
OMG, what a fool I'm, WMW.

Before your confession, I would felt you're from my grand father's generation, that's why I always ignoring you. Lol

Sory WMW, BTW, can I've private chat with you? Lol
OK, Now I'm serious. WMW, I like your commenting style, you are one of those members of MyEC, from whom other members gets energy,inspiration for motivational comments. Keep it up WMW, you're doing wonderful job :-)

what is happening  between gran.ma and grand.pa ?? o ,O

ahahahah  lol DEAR =D .  ^_^

salam Alex

if somebody thinks that alex woman name it means that someting wrong with his head.u r  absolutely right dear friend .10x u for the comment


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