Do all English native speakers know all the phrasal verbs, idioms or expressions ?

The question might sound funny but I've always wondered for years if all the English native speakers were capable of knowing that extensive list of phrasal verbs or idioms. If yes, how and when they get to know and memorize them or if not what is such a vast list of them needed for ? 

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Thank you, Sir! Happy New Year!

Danny and the question is how that 'illiterate' nation is in charge of the world ? :)

Thank you for stopping by. 

No!  Native English speakers in a America rarely know the grammar - they won't know what a "phrasal verb" is, just how to use the words and may not use them well.  It depends on where you live as far as idioms.

Idioms: don't waste your time memorizing idioms!  You should review them routinely to be familiar but NOT to memorize.  You don't need to use them ever, just understand them.  Idioms differ far too much based on where you live or how old you are and other things like that. Some native speakers use them incorrectly.  It's best to ask the speaker what it means.  I teach ESL English in the US - I have never heard of some of idioms on this site and I often have to ask my friends, strangers, family, etc, what they mean when they use an idiom.

Phrasal Verbs: they are important.  Pay attention to the ones you hear or read often, the ones the people around you use the most in every day speaking.  Watch the news and listen to what they use - the news uses the most common ones.  Study to be familiar and comprehend more than studying to use phrasal verbs because the meaning changes so much - you can learn to use them better later, you can say the same things in a different way.

That's my two cents. ;)


Toni, Ive heard also that some Americans dont even know who is the president of their country :)

Thanks for your two cents. It's appreciated . 

Maybe no. But mostly they talk simple and rarely spice things up to embellish language. Phrasal verb and idioms make language sounds natural. This how I love it! 

Peony, thank you for your opinion . 


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