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Do all English native speakers know all the phrasal verbs, idioms or expressions ?

The question might sound funny but I've always wondered for years if all the English native speakers were capable of knowing that extensive list of phrasal verbs or idioms. If yes, how and when they get to know and memorize them or if not what is such a vast list of them needed for ? 

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Yesss...!! What a good question, I've also wondered if that could be possible haha...

Estanis see, none of native speakers made this question even worth answering :D . Thanks for stopping by. 

Hi EC Member! Long time no see you! I hope everything is OK with you!

I don't know for sure, but I think, not 100% of English native speakers know all the [hrasal verbs, idioms or expressions. At least, because I don't know all the idioms or expressions in my native language, which is much more narrower than English language. :)

Have a great weekend!

Roman, totally agreed! but I think there must be certain amount of necessary vocab, expressions or idioms list for non native speakers not to keep learning on and on not used, less known words while those words or expressions are not known even by native speakers and some non native speakers hit their head on the wall to memorise them . Where is the logic ?)

Hi EC Member! You know, people are really weird... And the languages are the same weird:)

Those sayings, expressions, phrasal verbs, idioms were made to make using the language easier or more interesting or more colorful and bright.

But nowadays there are so many of them that I better leave it for the better days to learn them:)

And ofcourse you are right about that certain amound of necessary vocab!

Have a good day!

Roman, in my opinion those expressions, idioms etc more likely make the language more complicated than easier)...

Well, yes... I take my words about "easier" back:D

Yeah Roman, that's a fact :D as you see its not as easy as you thought. 

Not necessarily.  Just think yourself, do you have control on all grammar aspects of your native language.  Only those who are related to a profession of a certain field, like teaching grammar may be considered to know all rules and/or maximum related vocabulary.  I am sort of allergic to grammar, unable to understand its terms even of my native language.

Mishaikh, I do agree that its not possible to have a control on all grammar structure even in our languages.  BUT those never ending lists make it difficult as you said for those who are related to a profession of certain field are required to know all rules or maximum related vocabulary to master this language .  Thank you for your opinion. 

It's such a good discussion EC.  I guess It also happens to us with our native languages. Tbh I don't even speak with grammatical rules in my native language, I  always break all the rules. lol.

Baho , thank you for giving your opinion. I like your eyeglasses :)


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