1) do you know ur status ? Yes, I am the Wonderful and best creature of Almighty Allah.

2) who you are ?  I am "Hakim" named by my family.

3) where are you from ? I am from another World and will go back to there after my life time.

4) who am I ?   You are and also I am a member of creatures just like other creatures of the world.


Actually I am never alone. I am always surrounding with air, light or dark and also others particles.


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Thanks to reply. Now it seems to me you are always with me like other things. But it is little bit difference from others.You can write to me but they(air and air pollutions and computer)  can't, you can share my feelings but they can't. We desire air but not air pollutions, We desire friend in need.We enjoy friendship always. Thanks again.

Erm yes... I've no doubt that you're 'from another World'...

I'll take CRAY for $200, Alex.

Who is Alex? Is this a famous phrase from some TV series?

Well, here is my take on this...  
1) My status: I'm a totally imperfect child of nature. I'm only a guest on this earth. I don't own anything. 

2) Who I am: I'm just me. Names have no meaning for me and neither do degrees and titles. 

3) Where I'm from: I don't have any roots. I'm coming from the second that just passed. I'm heading in no other direction than inwards and towards you. 

4) Who you are: You're reading my words. So you're not an illiterate and you have internet access. Also: you have too much time on your hand... 

I'm never alone, 'cause I'm always by my side, and the stars are watching every step I take. 

Some thoughts, but to others (some) they seem to make them swirl! 




In your last paragraph, I think you meant to express it with passive voice, so the second sentence should have been :" I am surrounded by air..." and so forth.


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