Did you make a Time Capusule when you were a child?

I think one of the things that we did when we were children is to make a Time Capsule. We packed important things for us at that time, buried them somewhere and wrote a map of them. After many years, we searched for them with the map and dug up them.

I made Time Capsules some times when I was a child, but I couldn't wait to dig up them for a long time. My Time Capsules always failed. Did you make a Time Capusule when you were a child? What did you bury at that time? Did you dig up them after many years? How did you feel when you dug up them?

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I didn't. I wish I did. I think it will be very nostalgic and winderful experience. But I have many little things kept in my little treasure box. What a memories! 

Hello, Mayumi. Thank you for your response. I wish I have made a treasure box like you. :D

like mayumi, i wish i did too..   if would be great to keep my fave things, memories etc.. 

what is it that you kept, Tam?

Hi, Fizzy. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think so, too.

Do you ask the content of my Time Capsule? They were erasers of characters and cars that were popular at that time, beautiful marbles, a toy gun, some baseball player's cards and so on. But I dug up them after a week. I couldn't wait for many years. :D

Hi. O.M. Thank you for your comment. Haha, yes. But I think the nostalgic feeling would be very less and I don't have any treasure to bury. :D

Hi, Tam. 

Unfortunately. I did not burry such a Capsule. It would be very interesting to see the things and to read the papers of my childhood and youth. But also without such a Capsule, I still remember all my dreams I had at that time. I grew up with four siblings, and we often speak about our childhood. We laugh then about all the crazy things we did. Also, once a year, when I visit my mom in my former hometown, I meet some of my old class mates. My mom, my sisters and my old class mates are my best reminders of my past. Nevertheless, I think I am going to encourage my grandchildren to burry such a Capsule. I believe they will find that very interesting.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hi, Rose. Thank you for sharing your story. You seem to have a lot of good memories. Probably, they are your treasures that are buried in your heart.

Yes, Tam, my memories are buried in a Capsule in my heart. Maybe the best place to keep them. 

     I didn't make a time capsule  . Me and my siblings were fascinating by an Australian TV serious called " A Girl from Tomorrow " where a girl travel through time , using her time capsule.  We used to gather in silence giving all our attention to what is shown on the TV screen  :) 

Hi, Rosemary. Thank you for sharing your good memory. Unexpectedly, no one made a Time Capsule so far. :(

I wish I did.. especially diary that I used to write in teen days.. :D

It would be awesome to read it again.. 

Hello, Ella. Thank you for your comment. I have an exchange diary that I and my teacher wrote and exchanged each other when I was a third year student in junior high school. Good memories of youth are written in it. They are so nostalgic.


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