Can you describe the first time that you entered EC ,What was your first impression about it ?

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Hi. Good question.
The first time I came to EC was in 2005 when I was an English teacher trainee. I was an 18-year-old girl full of dreams and hopes. How did I come across with it? I was in my 1st semester in college and my English I teacher asked us, me and my classmates, to meet people around the world and e them about how their English learning process was like, lives and culture.

I still keep in touh with some of them.

EC changed my life.

To be continued.

Ps: ask them*

You're lucky Oriani !You knew English Club before 7 years nearly ,for me I just know it from 1.5 year nearly you still keep your dreams with it from a long time ago,that's great.


       Iwas long time searching for website to improve my english.I found it accedently.First time I was very happy because I found what I looked for ,it is very useful , practice based.At same time I was confused because I did not Know when I should start.

Dear Suhaib,

I was searching a website which give me a right direction in English Learning and i found EC. This is very useful website for those who want to learn English. I want to thank EC the bottom of my heart and i appreciate your question. 

Thank you

Confusing with the day to day problems related to English Language, I thought that there should be some sort of help Online where I can find the people having similar attitude towards learning English, I searched Online and found My EC. I really found it useful medium of communication between people who want to learn / improve English.

Further, the first impression when I entered into My EC was that I will use this Club as a time pass. But gradually, I find it very fruitful that now I am getting help from the other Members / Teachers in getting exposure of English Language.

thank you

My first time in EC - I only remember that I was excited. At first I was just chatting, but later I started to look around and explore more options. I'm here just a few months but feels like I've been here for years. 

I stumbled upon EC when I was searching for a site wherein I can develop my English Grammar. As I read the site I got interested and registered. It's just less than a month when I signed in here, so still exploring it and making myself to get used with the interface. Day by day I got to meet new people in the chat room and got few friends added so looking forward to add more^_^. Whoever wants to add me, you are very much welcome^_^. Have a great day everyone ^_^

Well I found this place when I searched for a birthday picture .. I closed picture and saw this site. I had no idea what is going on here but I registered :) Now I'm happy to be here and meet new friends and new chances for my life.

I found this site by accident and decided to join by my curiosity. I am glad that I did. finding that it it pretty interesting website and helpful for whose as myself want to improve in English.

The same situation happened to me :) I never knew I would become addicted to the site like I am now :D

Nice topic to discuss!

I have learnt English myself for 8 months. First I only knew about Yahoo Chat and other sites. One of my friends on Yahoo gave me this site because he knews i am crazy learning English! That was the great moment when i opened this site in the first time. I started discover idioms of the day, slang of the day...etc and i found EC Chatroom. Well....I was very happy and I sign up my account imediatly!

Everything I need to learn English, all are here on this site!

I read disscusions everyday, join chatroom everyday, read idioms, slangs...These are very helpful to improve in English.

I love this site so much!


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