There was a pregnant gazelle and it was her time to deliver her new baby. Unfortunately, there was a lion approaching to devour her. A hunter from the other side is aiming at her. A  fire started in the wood and in front of her, there was the sea.

She was laboring, and we know the pains of childbirth. What should she do? The danger was coming from all the directions. She decided to deliver her baby in the same place.

Suddenly, there was a big thunder, and it started to rain. The hands of the hunter shook and his bullet missed the gazelle and killed the lion. The rain quenched the flames of that fire and she delivered her baby safely.

Any messages from that short story?

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Dara Nature works in Its own way. One just have a firm faith.

Mishaikh sahib, tumarah matlab, Iman zaroori hain? Do you mean faith is important? Thanks for that faithful comment. Thank you.

     " You want , I want and Allah does what he wants "   " Allah knows what will be , how it will be and what will be if it never be " 

         All the inevitable possibilities  is in Allah  hands  . A wonderful  profound  story :) 

Mashkoora ya Rosemary! I really liked your words. The Almighty knows what He does. In his knowledge, He can say to anything to be and it will be. You have said nice things about Allah and his ability to do things according to his will and power. Thanks again Rosemary for your nice comment.  

Mara tanya,  shookrun jazeelan ya Rosemary!  I totally,  agree with that. This is one of His uncountable powers. Once He says to something be, it will be. Our boss admired your first comment on Delivery. I admire them both. Many many thanks. 

nice positive story...

Donnobad Bet! Thanks for your comment.

never give up, just keep moving , you don't know how your biggest problems will be solved in a second, have faigh

Shookran bizzaf ya Houssine! Ki daiyr? Your name reminds me of that French actor, Robert Hossein. I agree with you, we never give up. That little poor animal struggled a lot to give birth to the new baby. Thanks for your comment and for your advice too.

       The story of the weak mother gazelle in her weakest moment trying to deliver a very weak infant , indicates only one thing which is salvation .
The whole story was made up by an anonymous author and his aim was to give us this lesson of not losing hope even in the middle of the most horrible situation miracles can happen . Maybe a small move will change the whole situation and turn things into our side . In Islamic culture there are many stories and religious narrative the goes around the topic of your discussion .
        Stating that hardships have a mercy within them . Telling us that waiting for Allah to show us the way or uplift our miseries is a worship .
Thus , stick to hope and be patient if the days are gloomy and the nights are cold and dark . Don't surrender from the inside that's the core of the story .
Your topic has driven a lot of thoughts in my mind . Thanks for posting it Mr. Dara  :)

Mara taniya, shookran jazeelan ya Rosemary! You have really summarized the whole thing in your marvelous intervention. It is true that that animal was so weak and helpless. She could only defend herself by running, and even this running could not be done during her delivery. I really appreciate your comment. Once more, thanks, my dear good friend, Rosemary. 

Some excellent points, Rosemary. As Dara says, you have encapsulated the fact that the story is about the weakest of the weak.


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