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Hello everybody!

I'm PhD geographical student and also i'm a mother and wife. So i'd like to practice my speaking skills. I want to talk everyday, systematically about any interesting topics!
Send your Skype) 

Have a nice day!!!

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hi there  hope acquire and develop my E by talking with you

Skype is majode36

Hi there. I think that's going to be very interesting Just add me on skype 

my skype id >>>   mostafadrsh20

Hi, I'm interesting too, and i want too pratice with you my English

My Skype ID: yasser.cbq

Hi, I'm Sudip from India. I want to learn fluent English speaking. In my work place I am facing lots of difficulties while speaking English with my clients. Need help desperately. My Skype ID : sudip-bhaumik

Hey Sudip,

Hope you are doing awesome.
I am shravan from Hyderabad. I am also looking for partner to speak in english. My communication is at Advance Level. I am sure i will be helpful to you. Here is my Skype Id.


Hi if your level intermediate we can practice our English together

We can talk too. My skype is add5501.

Hi ,

I am here to brush up my English skills and hope it's the right place, please add me if you are a serious learner



I'm Looking for someone with who I can practice my English speaking. I hope my partner share the same passion and interest with me, so we can improve English speaking together.

I believe the best way to learn English is talking and talking again. So, I suggest, we just talk to each other in English, improve speaking skill together. So, no language exchange is need.

I’m open, straightforward and easygoing.

My Skype ID: david.feng79


Hello, My skype id is dinesh.joshi6. anybody can add me to improve english or sharing his/her experiences.


hi i am azul

this my skype id azulisme

have we can share about cultural and experience

Hello, I am rahulK from India. I am a Geophysicist. I'm looking for peoples to converse in English to improve my skills. Being a geophysicist I developed a special love for different cultures and geography, as two of them complements each other. I have a natural desire to know more and more about different countries and their people in their own words, partly because to add value to my knowledge and partly because an area's geography shapes its culture and civilization.

Between I'm also pursuing vedic Indian culture as a part of my interest, which is, by and large, influenced by the ancient central asian civilizations. I  think we can find so many common areas of interest between us. That will not only enrich our understanding about the world but also play a crucial role of vital importance in improving our language skill.

My skype ID is "rahulsns"

Sincerely waiting for a kind response from your side.



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