Hello everybody!

I'm PhD geographical student and also i'm a mother and wife. So i'd like to practice my speaking skills. I want to talk everyday, systematically about any interesting topics!
Send your Skype) 

Have a nice day!!!

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Hi, my Skype id is johnsnow1410
I want to polish my verbal skills. .


Nice to know you.

my skype id is dodik.aryanto & we can talk something interesting.

my skype is dijjik1

Hello svetlana ! I am interested to talk sometimes , this is my Skype : sword-f

Advanced English Speakers: For daily, result-oriented English Fluency-building Conversations & Accent practice, Skype ID: CAlearning (FREE!)

Hi. add me if you want to.

skype id: guilhermeorlandini

hello, hope you will be fine and doing well. this is my skype address azeam.omer

Hey this is OP from India. my skype id is opsaharan01_1.

HeY, I'm Hicham from Algeria a student at university ... studying english .. skype ID hichamabdelouafi

Hi. I'm a student too. My skype ID luuduchieu.st 

Hi.I would like to talk with you!

I'm a radiology student come from iran...

my ID is: miladmoradi70

my skype id maya.sal3



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