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How many palettes of eyeshadow and lipsticks do you have on your cosmetic table

or pouch ? 

I like natural shades that can bring out the good of my own eyes and lips .

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I will come back later to reply :) happy to see this discussion. 

       I am a big fan of make up  and I like to use from time to time . However  , I am not addicted to make up to that degree  of wearing layers and layers of foundation  . I like to look natural with some glimes mat lipstick  , masscares,  kohl   and a light blusher  

      Nowadays  , women and girls don't use alot of eyeshadow as they use to do  and if they did the pick only 1 or 2 colors   . Eyes shades are old fashion 

       Women generally draw eyeliner in the French way  " a thing I have been desperately  trying to do " :) :)  without putting a lot of make up 

       Thanks for sharing  this wonderful  girly topic Anna  :) 

I am a make up lover. I have a quite large collection of cosmetics which includes one palette of eye shades, 3-4 eye shades besieds a palette. A liquid foundation, a foundation stick, two mascaras, two eye pencils but they are quite old now. Im planning to buy a new one. Compact powder, cotour paletter, concealer two blushers and around 30 plus lipsticks including lip counter, bullet lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks, highlighrer and bronzer.  I use aloe vera gel instead of a primer cause primer is expensive. Moreover aloevera gel Is good for the skin. Well, I am crazy about lipsticks i cant resist myself from buying it if i go out in the market.

Usualky i dont put layers if makeup on my face i do it ocasionally like in the wedding parties. While going out i prefer a thin layer of foundation an eye pencil and a lip balm. So in a nutshell I do make up depending on the situation.

Thanks  for sharing this girlish discussion. :) 

Hello Rosemary and SNR :)

Thank you  for joining my discussions .  I will come back soon to reply you .

If I could go shopping with you , we would buy makeup together:)

I don't have any :P.

Did I answer the question correctly :P ?


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