How much time does it usually take for you to leave a comment? And what are the main factors that make a process of commenting complicated and time consuming?

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- Depends on the topic and my mood.

- The topic and my mood.


Uhm... it doesn't take too much time to reply your discussion... How about that?

Are you a professional cat like these ones?

Okay, what is the longest time, that you've ever spent to make one single comment. I don't mean a lot of text. 

"Uhm... it doesn't take too much time to reply your discussion... How about that?" I don't know, whether it is good or no :D

Thank you!

Btw, Congrats!

This is the MyEC Discussion #3000! Hooray!

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Awwwww! Thank you, Mary!

But I guess, you have just confused the badges. Because I've found  this one :D

May I just keep silent and not comment on this gif, or Mary again will roll eyes at me....hhh

You both understand what I mean. I just love you guys...You always make my days.

:D No, please comment a lot, Olga! Let's look at 

one more time :D

its depend though... if the topic to seriously with deep thinking thought, i dont know how to comment it.. i usually put Like button. 

Okay, I hope you will improve your English enough to be able to comment everything easily and fast! :)

    Comments and commenting  for me  , depends  mostly on the blog and the discussion  topic and ideas  . There are many interesting  , motivating  and inspiring  people around here who are writing their honest and real life experience  . Some topics pushes me to write  instantly  other need time for me to distill  me thoughts  and put them in order  . Some members  write shorts and profound  blogs  others  say many sentences  without  getting to their core point of their topics  . 

     I like reading comments  on my blogs and discussion  the mean alot for me  . They encourage and inspire me to write more and more . However  , I don't like asking people to comment for me by sending them emails  ,  they are free to comment or not  , it's their choice   . I believe  in an arab author  saying   " your writings  have their destination   , leave them for it " I write things carelessly  and get many likes and comments  for these arbitrary  blogs or writings    , or  do a lot of work on a blog and have no response  for it  .  That what is called  the destiny  of writings  :) 

      Reading  comments  is  something  that  I like most of the time they are more interesting  than the topic it self . Nonetheless  , I avoid  getting  my self into useless  debates or imposing  my way of thinking upon other members   . I try to stick to manners  of discussion  when doing so  . I am not here to fight or launch a war  . I am here to learn with the most wonderful cyber people in the world  :) 

          Thanks for posting  this discussion Roman  :) 

Yes, Rom, I will go with Rosemary's comment. I wouldn't say better. Thank you, Rosemary, you told all that I would want to)))).

I'd only like to add that commenting on A738a's blogs about idioms, makes me google, regoogle, and again and again look for the answers...and still, I cannot find the right point. So I give up and sit there waiting for someone to give the solution ))). I guess her topics took me much time to comment on them so far )))

Hi, Olga!

Well, her posts almost always contain deep meanings!

But lately I try not to find the answers for her riddles in Google.

But another thing is finding the right gifs or drawing the pictures. Sometimes it takes A LOT of my time :)

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, it happens! If we expect a lot, then we get disappointed a lot, if something fails.

Okay, but what about those comments, when you find the quotes of famous people? Does it take a lot of time to find exactly the best quote?

And yes, sometimes comments are masterpieces! :)

Thank you for sharing your experience, Rosemary! :)


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