I like chocomint!

What kind of sweets is there in your country?

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There are many kinds of sweets in my country!

Whenever you enter to any sweet shop, your eyes run in all directions, trying to catch something most delicious and sweet! And it is really difficult to decide, what to choose!

My favorite sweets is icecream and daifuku!

I often buy it every time,when I go to a supermarket.

I also can't decide what to choose.

''I like chocomint!''

How dare you? I'd like to meet the person who mixed chocolate with toothpaste!

:D Have you ever tasted it?

By the way, I'm extremely offended. How can you ask me that?

I am sorry, but I am just curious. I have never tasted it. And even more, I have never thought that such kind of mix exist.

I hope this plate will make you feel better:

And btw, what about that discussion where I tried to make you answer to that question? You still haven't replied.

Ha ha! Nice graphics.

What question?

Something like "What would you do if you get the second chance?" I don't remember it anymore

Nothing. Wait for the third chance.

   --->"I'd like to meet the person who mixed chocolate with toothpaste!"<---

Finally someone say it!

Let's find that b*tch and ruin his/her life too!

Let's f*ck 'em up!

By the way, every kind?


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