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Childhood is one of the happiest period of a person. It is a time where there are no obligations, responsibilities and no worry about future.whenever we look our old childhood photos, we all look back on those sweet and beautiful days. Iam very nostalgic person. Can you recollect that old days and what are some of your unforgettable childhood memories?.

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In an isolated village on the pinnacles of Arabia . There was me with all the flowers , roses , bees , butterflies , and my parents sheep . Among nature holding the trunk of the almond tree while the wind is spinning me strongly . Racing my self climbing cliffs and rocks , there is was . I have lived my childhood with beautiful memories . When people meet me for the first time , they often say : it's obvious that you took your degree from ........ or you have been a broad . I smile saying not at all I am a villager , a Shepherd and a daughter of a pheasant . I haven't stepped out of here . My roots go down deep to the core of this place , no one can pull me away from here . This is the real me :)
Thanks a lot for your compliment Rosemary.

I love childhood days free from responsibilities and worries but at this age I even more enjoy being busy and feel great of being a man of value. Being busy and holding responsibilities has its own charm  


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