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HAHA, finaly i do it, GS.

Hello, Asif!

Congratulations! Now you know how to deal with 'AudioPal', don't you? I'm very happy for you! 

Your audio is interesting - it has many expressions with the word 'cat' in them. I'm sure our club members will find them useful. The following are the expressions that I heard in the recording. (Thanks for sharing the audio with us, Asif!)  

01.  like the cat that ate the canary

       [Also, like the cat that got the canary / like the cat that swallowed the


02.  play cat and mouse with someone

       [Or, play a game of cat and mouse with somebodyplay a cat-and-mouse

             game with somebody]

03 look like something the cat dragged in

       [Also, look like something the cat brought in]

04.  the cat's meow / the cat's pajamas

       [Also, the cat's whiskers] 

05.  fraidy cat / scaredy-cat

06.  a copycat

07.  a fat cat

08 a catnap

09.  let the cat out of the bag

10 has the cat got your tongue?

11.  when the cat's away the mice will play

12.  curiosity killed the cat

13.  no room to swing a cat

14.  herding cats


If you want to know how to record voice with AudioPal and embed the audio player, you can learn them from my BLOG.

Thanks, GS for explaining audio recording.
Thanks Deepa, If you want more words than must visit following site.
http://www.manythings.org/voa/words/ .

And wow ... ! So helpful link. Noas, should be grateful to you ... giggling.

Very big thanks to you :)

Hello Asif,

Very useful record. Thanks for sharing it !!

Best wishes to you :)

Thanks Asmaa for your kind and couraging words :)

Nice one. Thank you for sharing.

Noas, when I hear this recording a very first impression click in my mind is Noas cat's. Now I am happy that I get yur appreciation, thanks Noas.

Thanks for sharing, a very nice! I liked it :)

Thanks Asma, now a day in my free time I always on idioms and phrases site. This inspiration I've goten fm your Blog idioms about cats and dog. Thanks Asma for giving me direction.
It beacause Mickey dosn't wanna talk about rats, she wants only talk about Mickey. If you want share something about rats than first get permission fm her LOL


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