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Hey guys, the most recent addition to Dayne's Dictionary was "adventure"

Make your own sentence below using "adventure" as either a noun, or a verb.

Good Luck!

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No one?

I never had adventure on climbing mountain.

How can I use "adventure" as verb? Can I? 

Please correct my sentence. Thanks.

Onee-chan I never had an adventure climbing a mountain* (adventure as a noun)

I never adventured to the top of a mountain (as averb) - this is grammatically correct. However, it's not a very common use. Using adventure as a verb is kind of out-dated. :) 

Oh, so..no need "on".:)) Thanks

I see, I was not sure because it was only noun in my dictionary. Haha... Thanks again for the lesson, Dayne. I'll keep that in mind.

Onee-chan go an adventure to Academia ESL :D

I had a great adventure during my visit in Myanmar.

is this correct? Thanks..


Although, I may have said "visit to Myanmar"

-you were 'in' Myanmar

-you went 'to' Myanmar

He has been living a very adventurous life.

adventurous - adjective.

Arlene said:

I had a great adventure during my visit in Myanmar.

is this correct? Thanks..
mishaikh corrected:
'visit to Myanmar'
without the spirit of adventure, maybe u can't be successful.


I wanted to venture off into another job where I was able to be free and express myself totally,  in a positive manner.


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