Do you prefer blonde or black hair?
I noticed that many people like the blonde hair, and the blonde women too. I do not know about the reason. It could be that kind of hair which looks like the color of the sun.

The sun gives us the light and it is very important for life. It could be because of the color of the gold. We know that expensive metal. Some people find the blonde ones sexually attractive than the ladies with black hair and white skin. They say, a tall blue eyed blonde girl. or a brown eyed blond man.  

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Hope you haven't opened Pandora's box again :D's not a crucial thing to me.

I agree with Estanis. :D

Rosemary wrote a good thing in her blog.

watashi mo, Tam!  I agree with Mr. Estanis, too. It's not a big deal. Appearances could be deceiving. Generally, if two ladies come across you, one is blonde haired and the other with the normal hair. Whom would you look at first? Thanks, Tam for your comment.

Some of people try to estimate appearance of others. For me colours don't matter at all. The most important is an inner world of a person. I dislike when someone accepts women or men as pictures.
Sorry, dear Dara, but it is my opinion about this topic.

Absolutno pravo, Svetlana! No need to be sorry, Lana. We should not look at the surface. The most important thing is the inner one, as you mentioned. We do not want to personalize, but most Russians and the people who proved to the world that they were the best in the tournament in Russia in 2018, are blonde haired. They are attractive, aren't they? Thanks, Lana for your frank opinion. 

Beautiful hearts are more attractive for me than any colors of hair, hairstyles, faces, bodies, clothes and so on. 

You are welcome, dear Dara. :) About my frank opinion, I prefer to express my real thoughts or say nothing at all. :) 

Dyakuyu Svetlana! My friend, Olga told me that she agreed with you in your comment. I told her that who disagrees with a beautiful blonde lady like Svetlana? Believe me Lana, we are like cats in front of the woman's beauty. I hope to God that my wife does not read this either. I have told you this before, Lana, we are very weak in front of that kind of beauty. 

The heart is an important organ, biologically and physically and morally. name it whatever. I agree, beautiful hearts can be more attractive than the colors of the skin or the hair. I really want you to say your opinion frankly. We want to benefit from each other. Thanks, Lana for your frankness. 

You are always welcome, dear Dara!

I got your point of view. I know men have different mentality. Sometimes they think with... Okay... I don't want to develope this specific intimate topic... ))) Let's not argue about tastes and values. They are all different for different people. 

But how do we get know the inner part if the outer part isn't attractive? I do admit for a relation to last long the inner qualities matter more than the shape of breast or nose etc. But some of us are attracted to people because of their skin or hair colour.

Yo tampoco senior Estanis! I will never open that box. Honestly, I like that flaxen hair a lot. I hope my wife does not read this. By the way, she has black hair. Thanks, Estanis for your first comment.

Hi, Dara Dino.

I totally agree with Svitlana´s opinion. Color never must be the key point. Though, answering the question of the discussion, let me say the next: generally it is thought that extremes meet. Personally I have never been attracted by blond men, maybe because this is my natural colour. I see your point, but i am of the opinion that as many people as many preferences. Everything depends on our background. We like to be different from others and we pay attention to distincts. In my country many girls pay a fortune to get bronzed skin, as well as many men would sooner chat latin girls up. (though any rule has its exceptions).

Khot z neyu ne z hoden, Olga? Who doesn't agree with Svetlana? What you mentioned is the correct remedy for this matter. I noticed that more of your people are blonde haired. and blond men. We are attracted to you. You are attracted to the bronze or brunette color. My goodness! Olga, you have really given me the correct answer for this discussion. Maybe because both of you, I mean you and Svetlana are blonde ladies. Thanks, Olga for this nice and useful intervention. 


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