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Hey EC,

I want to write some new blog posts for you guys in the near future. I've got some cool ideas, like 'How to write great emails in English' and more.

However, I'm really open to your suggestions. What sort of things would you guys like me to blog about? Let me know below! :D

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Hello dear Dayne

   I just stopped by the list of your blogs and saw that all of your blogs are related to English language itself somehow (about English accent, translation, writing, education and so forth). Actually this topics are so nice, but I expect and suggest you as a native English speaker to write about other topics as well. Your writings (blogs) with other topics, can also be useful and helpful to us. We can learn many new words in different field, as well as learn the usage of words in proper positions.

   The topics can be contained literature (famous stories from your country, introducing the poems of your famous poets, famous quotations from your scientists and so forth), Politics (world politics, your government, your governing system), social, news, religions, irony, thoughtful concepts, and so on. You can submit many new words in different fields. BUT, the blogs must not be written too professional.


Cool ideas, I'll give it some serious consideration.

Thanks a lot Mohammad


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