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      Qatar beat Japan 3/1 on the final match of the Asian football tournament in the United Arab Emirates. The Japanese computers were disrupted and crashed. They won the title four times and they wanted to make the fifth one but the early acrobatic goal by the Qatari brown deer, Almoez Ali confused their accounts. The Qataris were the champions for the very first time. I wonder if the Qatari team deserved that title or not! 

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Hi, Dara. I am disappointing, but Qatar was a good team. Qatar has strongly trained their national football team for 2022 WC in their country. They enough deserve that title because they beat almost Asian strong teams such as Japan, Australia and Korea. Their wins were not lucky but their ability.

On the other hand. Japanese team is in the process of the change of generation. The some veteran players in 2018 WC retired, and some young players who have little experience joined in the team. And the captain of the Japanese team said that they underestimated Qatar after they won strong Iran in semi final by a big margin.

Domo arigato Tam! You are a real well-mannered man. I was afraid that you would be angry. Here, I can say one thing, the Samurai blues played well. It is enough for them four times winners of the Asian title. I could not forget Nakamora and how he used to run and beat his opponents and scored in difficult positions.

Don't forget Takahara and the rest of the Japanese lions. You are still the best despite the defeat from Qatar. Did you know that the Japanese team cleaned the changing room and left a written note, (thank you) in many languages? Thanks, Tam for your comment. 

Of course, I knew the behaviour of Japanese team. I was proud of them to hear that.

shozokina tokoro Tam, I was afraid that you would be upset and angry with me because I talked about this match. It seems that you have the spirit of sports, and I like that. Thanks again for that spirit.

of course they deserve the title, even though i have no clue on the asian cup but i should say that at the time the others kept their arms crossed and mouths full open, the quatari team was training hard and using any possible method to improve their skills and as a reward they got the asian title for their first time.

the quatari management is focusing on the world cup 2022 more than the asian cup, this was only a step and i hope that they will show higher level during the world cup.

my message for the others : keep your mouths shut and move your asses

Assalamu alaikum Houssine. Your comment reminded me of that smart Spanish coach. He opened an academic school for young players and developed them and his cultivation is about to be eaten or rather, he is going on the right track towards success. As you say, the team is putting its eyes on the next world cup in their country in next tournament in twenty twenty-two.

Despite that, they surprised us with their outstanding performance. At first, I thought that they would not move from the first round of the tournament. Beating, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Iran, Iraq, and creeping slowly like a tiger beating the United Arab Emirates on the semifinal. Then, there was an appointment with Samurai Blues in the final football match of the Asian cup in Abo Thabi

From your comment, it seems that you are an educated athlete. People should work and be careful as you mentioned. They must watch out for the coming days. Thanks, Houssine for your nice and useful comment.

Hello Dara! it was an amazing team no doubt, they deserve what they struggled for despite many obstacles were before them. Congratulation! Qatar, Asian cup winner.

Good job Dara.

Dear Ocean, thanks for your nice words. By the way, sometimes when the team lacks one player due to the red card, the rest of the team try to put more adrenaline in their blood to compensate that shortage. They fight and attack fiercely in order to stop their opponents from attacking them. As we know, the best way to defend is to attack. Thanks, Ocean for your nice comment.  

Maybe they didn't want to spend oil money for nothing. Qatar or Emirates or either of them must won.

kalespera Medoly, iphgaristo polly!First of all, I hope to be added to the list of your friends, is that possible? I like money very much. They say money gives you the power to talk, the power to fight, the power to govern nations. Thanks for your comment. 

Sure Dara. You could send me request.

TiTikanish Medoly! I tried to send you the friend request but I couldn't.  I hope you do that. I will really appreiate it. Thanks again, my dear good  friend .


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