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Are you "crazy"?..lol.... If yes…join my discussion……….

Please don’t mind…As I told : I learn English with my humor sense. So today, I’m making a challenge discussion. It is : What/How is a real man?

And my friends, we will vote for your answer. The craziest reply will be winning and will get my gift. Ya, this time, I have only one gift (because last month I lost much money for my gifts so...kekeke..I’m penniless now).

Have fun with me. I’m waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Announcement : 

A real man is the one who has no BREAST. LOL.

My friends : I will vote for this reply (from Teacher Oriani) as a best answer. Please let me know if you have a different idea.

And many thanks for all your comments. I respect all.



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wow...dear, Where did you go? Long time no see...

Thanks for your comment. huh, you're late. Ohhh...I know, You don't like my gift, right? How dare you....hihihi....

I wasn't here cuz of many factors. :D 

Well, I wanna my gift.. You should bring it to me.. I've written such a piece of art. :DD 

      A real man is the one whose his heart is a big sponge, to absorb his wife's nonsense.


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