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Are you "crazy"?..lol.... If yes…join my discussion……….

Please don’t mind…As I told : I learn English with my humor sense. So today, I’m making a challenge discussion. It is : What/How is a real man?

And my friends, we will vote for your answer. The craziest reply will be winning and will get my gift. Ya, this time, I have only one gift (because last month I lost much money for my gifts so...kekeke..I’m penniless now).

Have fun with me. I’m waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Announcement : 

A real man is the one who has no BREAST. LOL.

My friends : I will vote for this reply (from Teacher Oriani) as a best answer. Please let me know if you have a different idea.

And many thanks for all your comments. I respect all.



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My reply as example : (but think about it as one answer.. so ohhh guys....please vote for me..kekeke....)

A real man is the one : when he hears his wife to talk about  some things (which she likes) then he will answer her : "honey, if you like it/them. Here is my master-card”.

He should say "honey, if you like it/them. Here is your master-card”.

lol...hahaha...OK. Got it dear :)

First of all, I know very sure I'm not getting any more gift from you LOL

Your question is tough for me, Sis. But I couldn't help writing something it since it's challenging :D

A real man, for sure, has to have a pair of sex chromosomes including 1 Y chromosome and 1 X chromosome in each of his cells :D And, there must be testosterone hormone in his body, because he is no man without testosterone :P

OK, that's it. Just want to let you know what I've learned about men LOL

Why not Sis? Oh, come on...any friend has the same chance. So let's (count) you in. OK?

And lol...hahaha...with your reply...hhhh...I myself won't vote for you. Because of one reason...OMG...You made me to use my dictionary. I mean : so many new words....

OK. So with your idea : a real man is the one who has X and Y. Am I right?

Yes, Sis, you can summarize so :D I just "defined" a man from biological aspect :)

hahaha...Sis. I have both X (xylophone) and Y (yarn). But I'm still a real woman (as Hardi thought) ehehehe.........

You fall into my trap. But Goshhhh...X and Y, very hard for finding some name in dictionary. Don't you think so?

Yes, Sis, there are not so many words starting with X and Y in the dictionary :) Well, I didn't think that you were thinking of those other meanings of X and Y LOL So, I'll have to fix my final answer :P

"A real man has XY karyotype and testosterone." :D

hahaha....I knew...I'm just teasing you..lol....

Wow!!!!!! two expert of biology here! welcome!...LOL...hahaha


:D :D

You know I am not good at grammar, so I lost your previous challenge.

And I am not good at giving something a definition! So I guess you can tell what is going to happen next :D

Yup, I will lose your challenge again :D

And again, I am not that crazy :s I am just a normal person *_*

So what can I say about your question??

If you are penniless, then I am speechless :P

Maybe I will come back later after I found the answer and hopefully I can write something, but I doubt that :p Let's hope this time, I won't be too late as before and still got the chance to be the winner :D


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