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Are humankind really concerned about the question of "Earth's health"?

 Hi readers, I watched this promo video for recycling and environmental thinking made by the aritst Didrik , and I've thought it very reflexive for us, since we consider us  the most intelligent beings which unhabit the Earth . I want to say : whereas we consider us the most intelligent beings on this planet , we're destroying ruthlessly our own home - the Earth - our precious and only one beloved house. I consider the Earth a "big-mother" and we must return its careful  welcome, at least, by  keeping in good state the environment's conditions, through, for instance, recycling practices. These practices are at handy, and don't cost anything for us, simply consumers. So, I ask you: Do you consider that mankind is really concerned about the Earth's environmental state? Why?

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Yes, we are concerned about it, but sometimes we are just thinking about benefits and don't care about generations after us and how what we do,make, or exploit destroy the earth. Yes, in my country not all trash bin seperated by its kind, but I'm used to put it in the right bin.


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