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     I love music. Anytime I drive, I listen to music so aloud because I feel really relaxing, and joint into its rhythms. I am sometimes singing and moving my head through my favorite songs. I prefer listening music aloud cause it deeply goes into my soul and I feel those songs more amazing and beautiful. I know that its not a good hobby because it may bother people around :-)

    Moreover, when driving, only me in my car, I don't irritate anyone. Freedom to listen to any kind of music I like. 


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same here,but not that much aloud to bother others...I do love listening to music while driving..specially long distance driving..

I can't imagine my life without music!

i like listening to songs in a full bass...i cant enjoy listening to it when the volume is too low... first thing in the morning after i woke up i usually open my pc and listen to my favorite songs and before i go to sleep...

Yes I do like listening to music aloud too. It feels like I am engrossed in the beats of music and it feels like it is reaching me – my heart, my soul. Sometimes, mostly in public places, I need to play music in a faint beat but they don't feel as great as if I was in my car with my music system bumping up at each music beat. I know that it is harmful to human auditory system to hear sounds after certain decibel limit but I can't help myself in this matter. The same song probably feels different at high and low sound levels and if I can manage to fit a good music system like Bose they the whole environment revives. That's why I think all the discos and night clubs play upbeat musics in very loud manner to bump up the people. Also we can see all movie theaters nowadays focus on the sound quality of the hall to project a good impression on the viewers. Music is life a capsule to my life and I like to gear up my favorite music play list during exercising because it eat up one's stress or exhaustion feelings and easily pass away a hour or two without overwhelming limp feeling of bodily muscles.   

While driving alone i opt to enjoy loud english songs...

Well, I've a sound system in my car and even i listen to music with high sound

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