Another Game With English Expressions/ Idioms/ Phrases - Let's enjoy learning together, shall we?


Hello everybody!


Learning English word by word is not enough for us to become fluent.

Have you ever confused when you hear someone said: "I'm still finding my feet" or "it cost an arm and a leg". 

Learning English phrases is very important.

Let's have a think. How many sentences you can make from 1000 English words? And are you sure all of them would be correct? And how
about with 100 English phrases? How many correct sentences you can make? I think you must got the point.

Taking Inspiration from learning together with game. I'd like to post this topic for us to practice in relaxing and help each other to fulfill the missing of what we are learning everyday. And beside, we will have a chance to memorize them by recalling over... and over again...

So, why not?

Let's share to be shared and enrich our English right now, shall we? 

It's time to take a look at the rules:

Write ONLY ONE your English phrase/idiom/expression, don't write more than one at the same time, how would happen if you were 
"choked" in learning them? ;-)  just pick one per day, and remember it.

Explain it (and accompany the hyperlink if you want)  BUT don't write any example for it, then give an example for the English phrase/idiom/expression was posted by the previous friend.

You can practice by giving some more examples for the phrases/idioms/expressions were given here before. NO LIMIT :)


What you should do in your turn would be like :

Suppose that :

         The previous idiom : find my feet

         My sentence: I've just got a new job for a few days. So I'm still finding my feet.

         Your idiom: Cost an arm and a leg

         Meaning of idiom: it's very expensive


You can refer these websites below ;-)

HAVE FUN GUYS !!!!!!!!! 

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My Simple example: The first time that i visited the EC, I realized that the majority of this site is known people then i tried to put down roots.

Your Idiom: no spring chicken:
Meaning: To say that someone is no spring chicken means that they are quite old or well past their youth.

@ Hekmat, Nice idiom!

My sentence : Let's face it! You are no spring chicken yourself.

Your idiom : Fit as a fiddle

Meaning : to talk about someone who is in very good health

My sentence: I feel myself as fit as a fiddle after a vacation in mountains.

Your idiom: a millstone around one's neck.

Meaning: a problem or responsibillity that you have all the time which prevents you from doing what you want.

My Simple example: After getting married I feel a millstone around my neck. heheh....(kidding)

Your Idiom:Need teaches a plan.
Meaning:Necessity will make you find a solution.

Hi Everyone,,
Nice Topic, I like it and I am learning :)

My Example: Don't worry about it, need teaches a plan.

Your Idiom: Work your tail off.
Meaning: Trying your best to make it work. Working as hard as you can.

My sentence: He want to buy an expensive car but he don't have enough money yet so he should work his tail off.

Here is an idiom with similar meaning to previous one: work one's fingers to the bone.

Meaning: to work very hard.

My sentence: She worked her tail off to get done on time.

Idiom: Cat iron stomach.

Meaning: Some one who has no problems,complications or ill effects with eating or drinking anything.

Dear Asma, you less a word. XD

Cast iron stomach ← is cast, not cat XD

My sentence:I can eat sweet dessert, salty food,ice cream and corn chowder in the same time.And I won't feel uncomfortable with my stomach,because I have cast iron stomach.

Idiom: Pie in the sky

Meaning:If an idea or scheme is pie in the sky, it is utterly impractical.

Dear Scarlett,

Is it possible for you to add a list, of all the idioms already discussed, in your discussion above so that we don't repeat them? Or is it ok to come up with any idiom on random, even if it had already been discussed here?


Welcome dear, just come with an idiom we won't mind it if it had been already discussed  :)

@ Dear Scarlett, Marik and I will response during your absence :P

Dear nida, if you give an idiom that already was given we just will have one more opportunity to review that idiom, won't we? :) So, I think it's OK, we're waiting for your sentence and idiom :)

My example for previous idiom: My Manager usually set plans like pie in the sky, we can't carry out them.

My idiom: A penny for your thoughts.

Meaning: I would like to know what you are thinking about.  


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