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         There is a strong bond between kids and games . Through playing they grow up and gain skills which are essential for them as adults . However something horrible is happening these days . Kids are found hung up at their wardrobes due to some online games . Yesterday a 12 year boy lost his life in this painful way . It's the 3rd case in my small city . Who is responsible for kids suicidal ends? ??!!! Their love to play , their parent neglection or the criminal who design such a game ???

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Children are innocent. Playing is to them gaining experience.
It's up to us adults to lead the playfulness of our children in the right direction. We have to check what children do and watch.
Unfortunately, most online games do glorify violence.
Have just a look, and you will see what I mean.
We have to enlighten the children when we allow them to use electronic toys and devices that are able to go online. And we have to use all opportunities of blocking off child-unfriendly websites.
I am aware there will never be 100 percent safety but we can reduce the risk.
We shouldn't look for guilt in that case. Speaking about responsibility and how to protect children is better.

Not the games kill the children.
I have to admit that, although I don't like this kind of games at all.
The danger comes from ignorance, indifference, unconcern, convenience, of us adults.

   You are right Rose it's up to us  to watch them  , but why these game online ? Why they are addicted  to them . I have just saw the photo of that young  boy and I can feel  the pain and the loss of his mother  . 

hello! Ohhh what game!! I should be aware of it even though I dont like them at all online or on my disk.

   I can't say the name  of it Ocean . But it is there  . I am afraid  if I say it that someone  will go to find it and play it  . It's good for you not liking them  . There are many choices  to do more than staying with an arch like back  , playing with online games . That will end in hurting  your vision , neurological  system  and your  blood pressure  .  Thanks for  joining  this discussion  :) 

Who is responsible for kids suicidal ends? ??!!! Their love to play , their parent negligence or the criminal who design such a game ???

All are responsible, can't single out one.  In our apartment, back there in Karachi, kids played with pistol in which small plastic bullets were used.  One this bullet made a hole in one of our glass windows.  Once when I was going for pray, and the children were playing, one tiny bullet hit my finger, believe me the impact was so hard to that my finger got numb for a while.  These bullet can destroy eye if hit there.  Our association of the apartment so many times issued warnings but parents paid no heed to them.  There were also use of fire crackers.  The children, I have seen myself, litting the a small cracker, and threw into the passing cars.  You can imagine the what could happen when those cracker blow in the moving car.

Manufacturing of such things no matter how profitable are these, should be strictly banned in the first place, second, parent should not let their children play with them.  Believe me I never purchased any such toy for my kids, neither they asked for them.

Tow painful stories and I have a 3rd painful story of mine , that bears many similarities with you Mishaikh. With a horrible end . A 14 years boy was playing with a gun unknowingly that it has some bullets . He shut his mom dead . Imagine the misery and the amount of truma this young boy will go through . He lost his own mom , in a game . Thanks for sharing these stories with us here . They have really add to my realization for the whole topic . We have to be aware how our kids are playing and what tools are they using .

A True story:

A friend of mine, was with a group of boys who were having a casual chat, while some one of them took out a real gun.  Everyone got interested and try to take it in hand, one boy erroneously pushed the trigger, bullet hit my friend in the back, and he got paralyzed, on wheelchair, and then died of misery, because everyone of them one by one left him alone.

Whom we blame for this.......................I think again all those you have pointed out. 

We can't change the Designer of such games. It's not our duty. We have to be very careful with our children. We guide them to play outside. We should not encourage playing online games. If so, we will guide them to play good games like puzzle games, recipes game, mind game, sports game and after playing we must get the device from them and keep it away.
Thank God! This is happened in cities. In towns like us, parents are bonding and caring with the children always almost. Yes! I want to point out the ignorance of parents. If we close to the children, they must share their feelings and everything.

    You are right akshmi   , we should  be close  to our kids  . So , they don't flee toward online games . They should be close and we should stand as their role model  , through us they will feel love and caring . Which is an important factor to their growth 

I want to know why the boy killed himself. I hear some people died because of online games, because they didn't eat and sleep owing to being engrossed in them.

If the victims are kids, it is their parent's responsibility, because parents need to control the time that their children play games. If the victimes are adults, it is their own responsibility. They must control themselves.

The companies that make these online games also have a responsibility. They must take measures to prevent players from being too engrossed in them.

     Tam  , there is a lot of ambiguity in news papers reports  because  , suicide  is shamfule in Islam and it is a social stigma  . The father was saying to the reporter  my son was a good boy   .......... However  , as I have knew that the game is a serious of challenges  that end up in hanging   . It manipulative  in many ways   . I think such game should  be blocked  . The reasons  that you have mentioned are very logical  but there is some bad mental influence  of these games  on their young  soul . These game stress and put kids under pressure  to the degree  of depression  which might cause suicidal  attempts  in my opinion   . Thanks for being  here  Tam :)

I've been a gamer for a long time and in my opinion videogames are just a kind of escape from reality if you will, they are fun of course, and they never makes you feel depressed or sick. The environment where you live, how you live, whom you live and the social pressures to be or become "someone important" are very toxic for young people.


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