Dear EnglishClub Member

Now we're in 2018! This is the start of the year according to the Gregorian or western calendar. Of course, many countries go by other calendars.

I'd like to thank you for your contributions to MyEnglishClub. There have been so many creative and educational blog posts, photos, videos and discussions!

I am sure you will join with me in giving a special thanks to our current moderators Robbie, Grace, Expector, Nadira, Paula and Onee for the hard work and dedication they put in to seeing MyEC run smoothly and fairly.

May I wish everyone a Happy New Year and also a healthy, successful and prosperous coming year!

In 2018 let's
turn the page
start a new chapter
open a new book

What do you plan to do?

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I like this expression, Sir

"Glad you've been "looking and looking" and can't find it - makes me feel better ;) "


Dear Sir,

It is we who are grateful for your brilliant idea of creating this site. :)

It is a pleasure if we can help you and MyEC keep run well. :)

It is great members who make this site stay awesome. :)

It is our contentment being in this BIG family of MyEC. :)

So many thanks to Sir Josef and all the BIG family of MyEC. Wish we all a great year! ^_^

Dear Sir,

One of my plan is to be a certified translator. But, if I can't achieve this year, I should achieve in the next or next year. LOL........ While, I haven't known yet if a can become a certified translator or even interpreter. :D :D

Yes, the Chinese lunar New Year is around/round the corner. We use the western calendar, too, but I prefer to choose the lunar New Year as the start of the year, because the weather becomes warmer when the lunar New Year comes. That's why the Chinese lunar New Year is also called the Spring Festival:)


Nevertheless, I'll capitalize them! Thanks for the great response, Josef!

I plan to achieve the deadline that my publisher gave me (April) even if I didn't even start the project yet... So, as plan B (most likely), I plan to flee and hide abroad.

I am little late but thanks to all of you for helping so much at practicing English :)
Have a nice 2018 <3 enjoy, learn and grow.

I wish everyone a very very very happy new year 2018 and that the world starting to be safe and enjoyable.

As Martin Luther king Jr as said, "I have a dream" .


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