My dear friends,

Would you like to take part in this funny competition? The competition has two benefits. First, it's fun and second, it will help you personally to know yourself and know what makes you a happier person. This question once asked by Anthony Robbins, an entrepreneur and life coach. 

The competition is that you have to name 25 things that make you feel good. The more answers you give, the better it is. I will announce the winner at the end of  June.

Have Fun!

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  • Thank you so much..wow! it's even more pleasing to read all what you wrote here. 

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    • That's awesome. I'm so so glad that your list goes on. Thanks a lot. It was a great pleasure to read it. 



      2listening to music

       3enjoying nature

      4smelling flowers


       6solving mysteries (riddles)

       7going for a picnic

      8having parties


      10 coffee

      11hot tubs


      13inspirational quotes

      14The things that make me happy;-

      15Enjoying music.

      16Reading detective novels.

      17Writing stories.

      18Walking along the banks of the river at dawn.

      19Playing chess.

      20Spend time with kids.

      21Playing with my pets.

      22Watching birds for hours.

      23Love my husband each and every minute until my death  

      24 Help the needy people.

      25Chat with my friends.





    • wow, dear Shadma, thanks a lot especially thanks for the links to Inspirational quotes. It's a lovely website....

  • Hi Nafis,

    Here’s my list of 25 things (actually there are more) that usually make me feel good! They are not arranged in order of preference. But I just typed them as they crossed my mind.

    *  Talking to my mum through phone

    *  Reading phonetic related books

    *  Using colours creatively

    *  Listening to the chirping of birds on my windowsill (It's my wake-up call)

    *  Watching fireworks display

    *  Admiring the innocent smile of a baby

    *  Recording News for “Be a Newscaster” group

    *  The beauty of mother earth / nature (documentaries)

    *  Looking at my childhood photos

    *  Watching the sun setting / rising

    *  Doing Christmas decoration

    *  My mother’s spicy Chicken Curry

    *  Watching 3D Movies

    *  Reading comments left for me by MyEC members

    *  Butterfly fluttering from flower to flower

    *  Watching Susan Boyle’s first audition

    *  Doing magic for kids/adults

    *  The surround sound from my home theatre

    *  Talking to my friends from other countries on Skype

    *  Drawing mural paintings

    *  Listening to music, especially Country and Western

    *  Watching the birds playing in the puddle

    *  Walking along the promenade here in Penang

    *  Doing vocal mimicry for friends’ enjoyment

    *  Reading/Telling jokes

    Thank you for coming up with this interesting activity, Nafis!


    ~* GS *~

    • wow! very detailed! Your English is really great..you know many vocabulary. Thank YOU so much for writing this. I'm really enjoying reading my friends' comments here. 

  • smiling



    listening to music


    enjoying nature

    smelling flowers


    swimming, sunbathing



    digesting quotes

    solving mysteries (riddles)

    learning, teaching English

    communicating with people (children) in real life

    communicating with people in EC

    surfing the Net for some information

    watching films

    nice perfume



    fruit, vegetables

    meat, fish

    going for a picnic

    having parties


    • wow! Dear Galina, you are very elegant and gentle. Thanks a lot for doing this. 

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    • Thank you so much dear Knight. 

  • spaghetti

    children's drawings

    new music




    snail mail







    apple pie

    Christmas music

    road trips

    positive feedback

    hot tubs

    self help videos

    chai tea





    fresh air

    inspirational quotes

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