My dear friends,

Would you like to take part in this funny competition? The competition has two benefits. First, it's fun and second, it will help you personally to know yourself and know what makes you a happier person. This question once asked by Anthony Robbins, an entrepreneur and life coach. 

The competition is that you have to name 25 things that make you feel good. The more answers you give, the better it is. I will announce the winner at the end of  June.

Have Fun!

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  • i like:

    1. Spagheti
    2. Sunshine
    3. Hot spring
    4. Holly Quoran
    5. Orange
    6. EC
    7. Women
    8. Pray
    9. Finish work
    10. Travelling 
    11. Drinks:Charbat(lemon juice),Zanjabil,coffe,tea,Grenadine,Orange
    12. See
    13. Following Muhammed(PUH)
    14. Number:25
    15. Hijama
    16. Fesh air
    17. Green color
    18. Jasmin
    19. God
    20. Reply to your discussion
    21. Fruits
    22. be my self
    23. Visit Annaba city
    24. Hours
    25. Rain

  • Oh my God why is my list , didn't find it :'(

    • ohhh..I'm so sorry for that. If you have time, why don't you write it again?

  • I hope I am still qualified...............

    2384857583?profile=original1.  reading the Bible                          16.  Nida's witty comments

    2.  an old woman's tears of joy            17.  a yawning baby

    3.  the innocence of the children         18.  an infant's hand

    4.  an old couple walking hand in hand  19.  the sight of my favourite vegetable

    5.  a pure heart                                20.  a warm glass of milk

    6.  a chuckling baby                          21.  eating my my favourite dessert

    7.  a complete happy family                22.  baking cakes

    8.  a young man helping an old woman  23.  Kenny G's music

    9.  the sound of the chirping bird         24.  playing chess

    10.  the calm blue sea                       25.  working with photoshop

    11.  voluntary assistance                   26.  drawing

    12.  brisk walking                              27.  the movie "My Wife is a Gangster"

    13.  my mom's company                     28.  Alvin, the chipmunk

    14.  going to English Club                   29.  receiving tutorials in skype

    15.  my inbox messages                     30.  an idle talk with my best friend

    • You are always qualified. Thank you so much dear Anele. You did so much for this and what a pleasure for me to read it. Have a wonderful time.

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    • Thank you so much and have a wonderful time.

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    • Great! Thank you so much dear Sandra and have a wonderful time.

  • My Teacher,

    As I promised...but hihihi...I will tell you what do I like? and what are my wishes (dream)?

    * Every day I do...:

    Take care of my Kids

    Take care of my …hubby. Lol

    Playing game with my Kids

    Teaching their homeworks

    Answer my Kid’s question

    Take them shower

    Working in my company

    Sending some e-mails

    Reading some new books

    Listening classial music

    Watching TV

    Playing my game (soduku game)

    Wirrting blog

    Lerning new words (English

    Painting my nails

    Taking some pitures


    Call my Mom, Dad

    Chat with my friend


     * And here is my wishes:

     Have some more travel

    Earn more money..hihihi…

    Live long life

    My Kids are always well

    Lose some kilograms…hehehe

    Turn back 23 years old..lol…

    My English is better

    Sleep tight (because I sleep 3-4 hours/night)

    My sick will go away


    Ohhh, Teacher. I have so much thing that I need to do, but my poor English, I don't know how I explain it...

    Thanks, I like your discussion







    • Dear Mitran, it's really great and your English is great just keep learning and you will be where you want to be. Wishing you all the best and thanks a lot for your nice comment.

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    • Thank you so much. So nice! All the best.

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