•           Thanks a lot for all of you my dear friends. I really appreciate your wonderful comments. At the same time I am sorry for my laziness. I know there is no excuse but I believe in your big hearts. God bless you all.

  • This blog was posted so many years ago! Who is the miner of this blog? Estanis. 

    Well, about secret, I can think of a quote from Da Vinci Code by Dawn Brown, "Life is full secrects, you can't reveal them at once", as far as I can remember.

    Silas Maner is written by George Eliot. We see in this novel that Godfrey revealed the truth after the fifteen years of his married life with Nancy. Okay, yep, Fictions are full of secrets, but our life also deals with a lot of secrets in reality. We find some astonishing facts and truths in our different phases of life.

  • I don't like secrets. I try to be brutally honest about myself. Still there are some things I don't talk about because of shame, not because I'm a hypocrite... 
    Anyways, I do lie when I make fun of people in the chat room... that's a very bad habit of mine. Don't tell anyone, I want it to stay a secret. :-P

  • well...I try to not lie..  i prefer avoiding the truth.


    • Hmmm... how tactful. 

  • Yes life would become dull without secrets hehe...  As for lies I believe most of them are not malicious, just yesterday I had to fib not to have an argument  ))

  • yes sometimes we to lie (  or hide somthings from the people ) to make ourlife more safer

    •           Hi my sweet friend Hafida, yes my friend, sometimes we lie to avoid ourselves the problems , and to be secure from the penalty. Som researchers say:"sometimes lying is the best approach for protecting privacy and ourselves and others from malice". Thank you very much.

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    •          Hi my dear friend Maia, really I am glade with your nice comment. Yes my friend, everyone tells lies on occasions, I call it white lies, for some reasons as you mentioned some of them in your comment. But,  don't you agree with me that these lies make our secrets which forme the privacy of our life, that is very intristing.  As long as we aren't hurting others or breaking the law, these lies make life more pleasant. Honestly, I think the world is probably a better place because of our white lies. thanks.

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