• When we will be in the tough conditions. that time we lie.. because we dont want to lost.. break.. spend.. go.. (almost all action verbs) someone.or somewhere. I think its not secrets.. i would say "lie" is an approach how to get out from hard situations, but is not solution.

    •      I agree with you. But sometimes we have to lean on it to keep our life together or away from intruders. Thanks a lot for your meaningful comment. God bless you my friend.

  • Kaygoolu alkathib hibalu gaseera, ya ustatha Sewar! We have a proverb, "The feet of lying are short". One thing I have learned along the way is, "If you are right, you will never lie." No need for secrecy. Let us name them private things. Thanks for sharing.

    •      It seems you and me on the same page. But my friend, sometimes……..Just sometimes we resort to lie to protect our privacy away from annoying people. I am sure, such a lie will not harm anyone. God bless you. And thanks for your nice comment.

    • Hahaha, Hal tagsudi alkithba abaidaa, ya ustatha? Do you mean the white lie? Those nosey people will never let us alone. Ok, you win, my respected lady. Thanks for your quick answer.

  •           Thanks a lot for all of you my dear friends. I really appreciate your wonderful comments. At the same time I am sorry for my laziness. I know there is no excuse but I believe in your big hearts. God bless you all.

  • This blog was posted so many years ago! Who is the miner of this blog? Estanis. 

    Well, about secret, I can think of a quote from Da Vinci Code by Dawn Brown, "Life is full secrects, you can't reveal them at once", as far as I can remember.

    Silas Maner is written by George Eliot. We see in this novel that Godfrey revealed the truth after the fifteen years of his married life with Nancy. Okay, yep, Fictions are full of secrets, but our life also deals with a lot of secrets in reality. We find some astonishing facts and truths in our different phases of life.

  • I don't like secrets. I try to be brutally honest about myself. Still there are some things I don't talk about because of shame, not because I'm a hypocrite... 
    Anyways, I do lie when I make fun of people in the chat room... that's a very bad habit of mine. Don't tell anyone, I want it to stay a secret. :-P

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    • Hmmm... how tactful. 

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