Why the shoot out?


Why covid 19 is challenging us, beating us? Despite our modern technology, the internet, and our brilliant scientists, why does it stand in our way of life, preventing us from crowding, or even sit in restaurants to eat or drink? It is imposing itself on us, making new rules and ways to follow.

In the past few years, wearing masks or covering part of the face for women was a big discussion and debate on parliaments. Now, wearing masks is a mandatory requirement for both sexes. Going to the movies, or nightclubs, or other social places is banned. The list is long.

The world was successful in eliminating dangerous and serious epidemics, such as plague, cholera, chickenpox, and other diseases. Is the unseen virus real or fake? What about the different vaccines?

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  • Hello Teacher Dara,

    Some people said that there is no Covid 19. However, they do believe in Covid-19 Social Assistance Fund. :DD

    Thank you for sharing. :))

    • Halo mod. Onee, per tama tama, I am sorry for the late reply. Second, Thanks for your nice comment. It exists, doesn't it? Once more, Thanks for your nice words.


    People are tired of wearing masks and limitations of this virus, perhaps they lose trust in doctors. people did whatever doctors told them, but the virus still exist. 

    • Halet chetore Saba. Of course, we have to do what doctors say. People are usinng the vaccine Thanks Saba, and sorry for the late reply.


  • And, along with it, we should keep washing our hands and maintain hygiene, right?

    • Donno bad Bet! I agree with you. doing the necessary precautions is very important. Thanks again. 

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    • Ami nani na, Tabrez Alam bai, but thanks for the nice and wise comment. 

  • We need to be positive, Insa al lah better days will come soon.

    • Teek assay Bet! That was an optimistic wish. I hope so, too. Thanks for your nice comment.  

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