two days ago I discovered one of my friend was no more in my list I asked if she deleted me...she said no so I tried to add her again and couldn't because I was told  I already am her friend :S ...

Today I've realised the same has happened wth another friend of mine so may be wth many (franckly I can't check them all).

The question is logically this how can I have them back?

Thank you for your attention best regards 

                                                                      Viviana D'Orìa

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  • You don't have to check them all, you can look at the number on your Friends page:



    At the moment you have 142 friends.


    People may defriend somebody for many reasons, and they don't always admit it :)))


    If you really want them back you can ask them to befriend you. I hope that's the logical answer :)

    • Hello, 

      ok it may seems to you strange but you see which better way to see if your friend deleted you than to look in theyr profile if you are there ... and I'm there among theyr friends. Though they are not among MY friends; in anyway I make my research simple, advanced by looking my friends one by one.....I can't find them.

      I know tht mustn't appear to you as a big deal but they are my friends and I would like to have the possibility to talk to them.... thanks again best regard V.D.

      • V.O., can you give any examples, please?
        • Oh well, it seems it is just a question of time ...in fact now they all appeared again:D  Or you take good luck for when I talk to you the problems seems to end:D

          Anyway thanks for your prompt answer. But I have a question what V:O: means?

          Bye and best regards V.D.

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